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This week, we’re diving deep into the lyrics behind OnlyOneOf member YooJung’s solo track for the group’s project “undergrOund idOl”, in which a new monthly single will be released by each member, starting with YooJung. This project aims to explore and express the rich inner world and individual musicianship of idols who shine on stage for their fans.

Before we get into the lyrical meaning of ‘begin’, it’s important to highlight YooJung’s purpose. He prefaced the song on a sweet, heartfelt note: “Among the countless lovers in the world, there are also lovers who could not be blessed. For any reason. Religious reasons, things like parental disapproval. I dedicate this song to all the lovers who could not be blessed.“, making sure the intended message is delivered loud and clear.

Since their debut, OnlyOneOf has been a group that has contributed to queer visibility and representation in mainstream media through their music. So it’s no surprise that ‘begin’ is an extension of that purpose, through the lens of YooJung’s musical identity.

Sonically, the first thing that stands out about ‘begin’ is its steady, intimate rhythm and conversational manner. YooJung evidently has a penchant for storytelling and his dreamy vocals are the perfect instrument to deliver the same. The synth-drenched melody coupled with mid-tempo EDM is the perfect match for the song’s smooth dialogue.

The Wong Kar-wai-style music video touches our hearts by portraying a state of limbo, where nothing start or ends. Two young people meet by chance and are clearly attracted to each other. However, while one is open about his intentions, the other prefers to hold back his feelings. The origami crane motif, which YooJung can be seen folding throughout the video, alludes to the ancient Japanese legend of folding a thousand cranes out of paper and symbolizes patience, commitment, loyalty, love, hope and healing – all of which YooJung highlights. with ‘start’. The intricate details and meaning of this song just goes to show how extraordinarily moving it is.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What is the hidden meaning behind OnlyOneOf YooJung's solo track 'Begin'?

8D entertainment

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What is the hidden meaning behind OnlyOneOf YooJung's solo track 'Begin'?

8D entertainment

Take your time / Yes, you know that / Why do you pretend? / (Tripping falling, stumbling falling) / I’ll take you far away / Wherever it may be / I’m always ready to start

The first verse represents the conviction of our protagonist, who does not stop being gentle and kind to his loved one, encouraging him to accept himself, even if it takes time. What prevents him from doing so is the pressure of an ignorant society that imposes its heteronormative structure on him, forcing him to hide his true self and seek happiness. YooJung offers to take him to a faraway land of love where such prejudice won’t get to them.

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Seems like gravity keeps pulling me closer / I think I’m falling still I can’t control it / I want you more and more baby / These painful wounds / Burn every door (Burn every door)

The pre-chorus reflects the perspective of the beloved, which in this case is interpreted by member KB. His heart aches from all the pain he has endured, being ostracized just for loving someone. As such, it’s only natural for him to be on guard despite his deep desire to break free.

And now start, start, start (Ooh, ooh) / Start with that blast (Ooh, ooh) / Let me take you, take you / Take you, take you, take you there / That point is the beginning of everything / When you’re free of any prejudice (Freedom will begin) / We can start, start, start / Start again, again

YooJung directly addresses queerphobia with the chorus and it sounds louder than ever. He implores his lover to step into his power and rid himself of any prejudices or internalized fears that may be holding him back from true liberation. Only when he is ready to do this can they start living their lives to the fullest and begin a meaningful relationship.

Up there, as time runs by / You’re glow, even brighter / So clear, you wake up from sleep / I’m always ready to start

YooJung highlights how wonderful and magical his partner is, even if he doesn’t see himself in that light. By the way, it is why he fails to see the beauty in himself as YooJung leads him gently and carefully, always ready to support him whenever he falters. He doesn’t like romance, but he tries to assure you that there’s nothing wrong with being true to yourself. This sentiment is echoed once more in the bridge, where YooJung exhorts his partner to fight injustice rather than diminish his own shine (“You are a light / Stop worrying / Throw yourself into this darkness / Why are you blaming yourself?“).

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What is the hidden meaning behind OnlyOneOf YooJung's solo track 'Begin'?

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The final pre-chorus makes a subtle but impactful change, where YooJung acknowledges that there has been a change: “Yes it’s time and I know it“. Just this line signals the completion of a journey, which millions struggle with to this day, especially in the face of a world that continues to challenge their rights. YooJung is not just telling a story, he is speaking to those who have yet to find it. the strength and courage to get to this point. YooJung wants to be the shoulder they can lean on and the hand they can hold as they take that difficult step and there is nothing nobler than that for an artist. YooJung concludes with a reiteration: “When you’re free of any prejudice (Freedom will begin) / We can begin, begin, begin“, driving his point home with grace.

Released in Pride Month and dedicated to the spirit of love that transcends prejudice, ‘begin’ is truly a masterpiece, worthy of much praise. We can’t wait to see what OnlyOneOf has in store for us next.

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