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This week, we’re diving into a song that’s been hitting us all week, ‘Childhood’ by The Rose. ‘Childhood’ is the pre-release single from the group’s first full-length album, “HEAL” and, just as the title suggests, explores a pre-lapsarian purity in a post-lapsarian world. This is the kind of song that makes you wonder how such incredible artists came together to create an even more phenomenal group. The Rose is a blessing to this world, a gift from the muses to us mere mortals, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them.

‘Childhood’ begins with a sketch of life as it was then, on the dark canvas of the present time. A world that once seemed to be in the palm of our hands is now far away because we, as humans, let it spin. We’re so wrapped up in the harsh realities of life that it’s virtually impossible to think of a time when we felt on top of the world. Dreams, especially those that we see with our eyes open, have become so chimerical that it’s easier not to give in to our fantasies, so that our imagination doesn’t take flight again. However, even in times as dark as these, The Rose insists that we soothe our inner child, comfort and heal it, and the time to do that is now. We do not pray for oblivion, but for the return of innocence.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What Does The Rose's 'Childhood' Really Mean?

Rose’s Twitter

While this is an incredibly sublime and universally resonant message, it certainly has special meaning for the band itself. The Rose has been through hell and high water to get to where it is now. However, even when they were at their worst, one thing remained constant: The Rose’s desire to flourish for their Black Rose fans. Their passion, perseverance and persistence eventually paid off, and the group was able to start over, not just in their careers, but on a deeper level as well. With DoJoon, HaJoon and JaeHyeong completing their mandatory military service and returning after a period of what we can only imagine as being one of heartbreaking uncertainty and joining WooSung as he worked tirelessly to establish a solid foundation for the group, The Rose became if one again. , ready to offer themselves to the same dream that kept the fire inside them alive.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What Does The Rose's 'Childhood' Really Mean?

Rose’s Twitter

The ‘Childhood’ poster depicts the members in waist-deep water, as if they are washing away their regrets, pains and sorrows, in order to be reborn. Likewise, the music video showcases a sense of freedom, individuality and connection – a letting go of the inhibitions that hold us back and embracing pure love and self-expression. This is Rosa reclaiming her art and perhaps even themselves, and we all have something to learn here.

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