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This week, we’re diving deep into ’22’s new summer anthem, SEVENTEEN’s maknae diamond Dino’s ‘High-Five’! The song is entirely written by Dino and co-composed by the idol as well! It wonderfully captures the essence of Dino’s youthful musicianship and establishes his sonic aesthetic as a soloist with panache.

‘High-Five’ is a pop dance track that really highlights Dino’s multifaceted talents. His vocal talent and control are unrivaled and the songwriting is one of a kind. The fast melody is witty and full of life, painting a picture rich in color and vivacity. So, without further ado, let’s break down the lyrics to ‘High-Five’!

Okay, I’m ready / My perfect fit, yeah / Heavy luggage in a corner, put it away, put it away / Like the birds, my heart is free, yeah / The thrill of stopping makes me jump

With the horrors of COVID-19 slowly easing and the world returning to normal, the revenge trip is at the top of everyone’s post-COVID bucket list. ‘High-Five’ embodies a similar sense of wanderlust and liberation, both physical and emotional, as Dino prepares to set out on a journey to satisfy his soul. However, this journey does not necessarily have to be in the world. Instead, Dino urges us to look within and find the light that never goes out. Rather than pack a heavy bag, he prefers to simply bring a friend and explore the beauty of the little things in life. At the same time, Dino poignantly suggests that it’s time to let go of the weight of our hearts and live our lives to the fullest. He’s not afraid of a break, but he’s so excited by the idea of ​​rest that he’s driven. This line not only postulates the beautiful duality of its lyrics, but also anticipates adversity and transforms it, creating a kinder reality.

Sunshine becomes our light / On the street stage, the catwalk (Way, way) / If you know the truth inside of me / Every day, on and on, go, go, go

Dino emphasizes that you don’t need extravagant luxuries to have fun. As long as the sun is shining on us and our hearts are full, the world will become our oyster. If you know and love yourself, that alone can push you to seize the day.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What does SEVENTEEN Dino's 'High-Five' really mean?


To the beat / Give me a high-five / You know that (Alright) / It’s like our own world, high-five / It’s not hard, oh / Even on a hard day, so-so (So, so, so ) / Frozen words to me are, so-so (So, so, so) / Alright, just in your mood / Give me a high-five (Woah) / It’s glowing now, uh

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On the iconic chorus, Dino sends a message loud and clear: we’re on a floating rock moving through the universe, so we can make it our own. Despite the tough times when our emotions are out of whack, if we can muster up the will for a high-five, be it for a friend or even ourselves, we can get through this just fine.

Where are we going, yeah / I don’t know, but the obvious answer is far away / I’ll shake you in the right color / any way you want (move on)

‘High-Five’ is not intended to be a lesson or manual for life. Instead, Dino presents him as a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on. We may not always know what the future holds, but it is certainly full of possibilities. If the great unknown overwhelms you, Dino wants you to listen to this song and feel at ease. No matter the circumstances, he hopes to make you feel good.

The seasons are passing endlessly / But there are things that don’t change / If you’re holding the doorknob inside me / Don’t stop, go, go, go

Once again, Dino expresses an implicit duality in his lyrics through the metaphor of the seasons. By virtue of their existence, the seasons must change. Yet they appear time and time again, unchangingly. That irony is strangely comforting and Dino does an incredible job of bringing out the beauty in it all.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What does SEVENTEEN Dino's 'High-Five' really mean?


I want to run beyond the universe / I’ll let you know / Even if there’s a place nobody knows / I’ll let you go / Even if it’s crazy (Even if), yeah / Don’t hesitate, get up, yeah / Where the sun is dancing / I’ll let you know / Leave your worries / Even if it’s crazy, yeah / As you wanted, yeah, yeah, yeah

The song reaches an energetic climax with the post-chorus, where Dino puts his soul into his art, encouraging CARAT to live their lives by their own rules and standards. Nothing is too far away, not even the sun. He is the incarnation of Icarus and his wings are fireproof. This is what true artistic genius looks like and we couldn’t be more excited for what Dino has in store for us next.

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