“Lost In Euphoria” represents an essential dichotomy that is ever-present in love, especially when it culminates in a codependent relationship. While it’s easy to get disillusioned with rose-colored glasses, the gray reality can often tear someone apart and that’s exactly what this song portrays. The fear of losing everything in an instant gnaws at one’s psyche until they are forced to grab at straws to keep themselves together. This sentiment is further established by the music video for “Lost In Euphoria”. Despite the song’s title suggesting a heavenly sense of overwhelming happiness, the music video features cuts of pain, despair and emotional torment.

I found you now I’m lost in the euphoria / Lost but I love it, don’t look for me / Let’s go somewhere without pain / It’s okay if we get lost / Yes with you

What could have been a healing experience for both parties in the relationship instead became a toxic dynamic that left them unable to find true happiness. However, staying is somehow more comfortable, even if the relationship lacks direction.

I want to get lost in euphoria

Even with honest intentions, internalized trauma can very well get in the way of a healthy relationship, and the dreamlike illusion of a happily ever after is shattered to make way for painful reality.

Promise I’d never let this go away / Said I’d slide by you any day… I’ve been fooled by the words that this will last forever / I can see it now, just broken promises

The moment someone makes the decision to choose themselves over the relationship, it can feel like there’s no going back. However, BM pleads for healing in unity.

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Even if everything seems to fall apart / Even if you turn your back, I’m on your side

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What does 'LIE (Lost In Euphoria)' by KARD BM mean?

BM Instagram

In a throwback to KARD’s ‘Medication’, BM is reminded of the good old days when he departed into the sunset with his lover, unaffected by the world or rather numbed by it.

Buck 20 whipping aimlessly / High, love my medication

Even with all the love one can give, the conflict between the real and the ideal keeps widening the distance between two hearts until there is no other way but to separate.

And when everything goes dark / I’ll be with you even in the dark / Reality is a headache / Let’s get out of here

In that sense, “Lost in Euphoria” could very well be a prequel to ‘Broken Me’, where BM dives deep into the dark side of his psyche, translating his pain into art, straight from the soul. In other words, ‘Broken Me’ is the shadow work that follows the pain portrayed in ‘Lost In Euphoria’. It can be expected, therefore, that what is to come will be salvation.

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