Recently, cold game released the song ‘My Universe’ in collaboration with BTS, marking the union of two of the biggest music artists in the world. Therefore, it was justified that the song was called ‘My Universe’, because nothing else could express the grandeur of this project. On September 30, 2021, Coldplay released the official music video for ‘My Universe’ featuring BTS and a rich storyline that deserves a whole movie.

If you’re wondering what the song actually means, read on for our explanation of the same!

If you’ve read the lyrics to ‘My Universe’, you’ll notice that the themes are quite similar to BTS’s own ‘Mikrocosmos’, where an individual, the beloved, has an entire world within him. In ‘My Universe’, we appear as BTS and Coldplay express their affection for the same despite the circumstances that separate them.

“You are my universe / And I just want to put you first / And you are my universe / And you make my world light up from within”

The lyrics convey the feeling of seeing the stars in someone’s eyes and feeling all the happiness in the world in your arms. Without a doubt, this is also a return to ARMY as expressed through ‘Mikrocosmos’.

In the music video, we find more clues to the world-building in this song. Early on, we are told that “Silencers” will have banished music far into the spheres in the future, giving the impression of an unbearable dystopia. However, as we soon discovered, technology had advanced enough to allow for interplanetary communication and the free flow of art. Three musical acts across the universe lead the revolution against the Silencers in defiance of prohibition and they are brought together in present time via HOLOBAND on DJ Lafrique’s alien radio ship. DJ Lafrique appears to be a fictional alien being, albeit a sentient one with a keen musical sense. HOLOBAND juxtaposes different worlds through holograms, dissolving borders and differences.

K-Pop Lyrics Explanation: What Does BTS and Coldplay's 'My Universe' Mean?

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“There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture / That infinity bright inside their eyes”

Even though the Silencers took away the music, they couldn’t take away the melody that runs through our veins, the cadence of love. Art can never be contained because its very essence is in freedom and expression and love is a language that creates the sweetest euphony.

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“The dark used to be more comfortable for me / Inside the long shadows (Eyes) / And they said we can’t be together / Because, because we come from different sides”

This verse, in particular, resonated strongly with the queer community, especially with the song being released during Bisexual Awareness Month. He addresses the absurdity of worldly institutions dictating the boundaries of love and the devastating effect it can have on an individual, so much so that it forces them to retreat into the darkness of their own psyche just to feel safe.

“What illuminates me/ Are the stars embroidered with your love/ In my universe, you/ You make another world for me”

Even when the world around you seems to shut down, just the warm embrace of the person you love can open up a galaxy of emotions, a safe space for self-expression.

“We are made of each other, love”

After all, we are all the same, made of stardust and therefore of each other. It also implies that there’s a bit of you in me and me in you, BTS in ARMY and ARMY in BTS. The world would be a much kinder and more compassionate place if it were governed with this universalism in mind.

Once we learn to put each other first, the sky will turn purple.

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