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This week, we’re diving deep into the lyrics of one of the most moving songs on the OST of “The Sound Of Magic”, titled ‘Consolation’. Starring Ji ChangWook, Choi SungEun, and Hwang InYoup in the lead roles, this webtoon-based musical K-Drama tells the story of a young girl named Yun AhYi (played by Choi SungEun) who has lost the childlike innocence of her heart and yearns for the independence that her adult life brings. During one of the darkest moments of her life, she accidentally encounters a mysterious magician named RiEul (played by Ji ChangWook) and, under her guidance, rediscovers the hidden enchantment of the world.

Spoiler alert!

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: The Very Special Meaning Behind Choi SungEun's 'Solace' "the sound of magic"


In Episode 4, aptly named “Becoming An Adult”, AhYi struggles with the extortion accusations leveled at her by IlDeung’s mother and, in turn, the school. With photos of IlDeung (played by Hwang InYoup) handing over her money circulating on school forums, general consensus dictates that AhYi was blackmailing IlDeung for money. Unable to expose her deal, AhYi is left dumbfounded but helpless, prompting her homeroom teacher to call her father. Dejected with the helplessness of her situation, AhYi returns home with a heavy heart, only to find her estranged father at home.

The illusion of a happy reunion is shattered the next morning, when she realizes the real reason for her father’s visit: money. However, what really frustrates her is him running away while pushing the responsibility of adulthood onto her shoulders. In the heat of disappointment and exhaustion, AhYi begs him to take her little sister YooYi with him, which quickly backfires when she “disappears” the next day. It turns out that she had just fallen asleep at a friend’s house, but the panic and regret this brought upon AhYi was enough for her to completely break down.

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: The Very Special Meaning Behind Choi SungEun's 'Solace' "the sound of magic"


That night, AhYi visits the amusement park where RiEul lives, only to be faced with the dilemma of jumping into the future. RiEul compares this to her father’s escape, which hits AhYi like a ton of bricks. Instead, he offers to let her meet this “future” self – the only one she can trust in this world. “Annara Sumanara” says the Wizard and we are transported to a playground with little AhYi playing in the sand.

The symbolism this transition contains makes it arguably one of the most philosophically rich scenes in the entire series. From the beginning, RiEul speaks to AhYi’s wounded inner child, who is in deep need of healing. So when she asks to meet her future self, it’s only fitting that the little girl in her comes face to face with the AhYi of the present. Not only is it an excellent piece of cinematic exposition, but it also brings out RiEul’s brilliance. This isn’t her average wizard desperate to show off; RiEul is sent by God.

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Given this context, let’s see the lyrics of the song that follows: ‘Consolação’.

Maybe it was too much / Asking the world to hug me / It’s a child / Who tapped his feet / Are you okay?

From a very young age, AhYi faced the harshness of a world that ideally should be sunshine and rainbows. The child who thought he had the universe at his fingertips was disillusioned a little too soon. The tantrums she used to have are now luxuries she cannot afford and her purity of heart is no longer protected.

Did you get over / All the longing / That you asked to leave you alone? It’s too hard to bear this burden alone

Through this magical encounter that transcends time and space, AhYi is able to reconcile with the part of her that she once abandoned. It is natural, therefore, that she feels the need to update herself. The kindness she couldn’t show herself at that age evokes empathy in the present and allows AhYi to recognize her childlike need for admiration.

All the things we couldn’t talk about / And this day we spent together / Let’s fold it all up in a white paper boat / And send it to tomorrow / When we meet again / After crossing the wide / And treacherous sea

This long-awaited self-soothing is even more significant now. Like a message in a bottle, AhYi will keep this moment close to her heart and allow him to carry her into the future. After all, she has something to protect now: herself.

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: The Very Special Meaning Behind Choi SungEun's 'Solace' "the sound of magic"


I hope my future self / Isn’t as naive or weak as I am / And tell me / That I’m happy / Goodbye for now / Until the day / We meet again

Someday in the far future, when she finds herself disenchanted once more, AhYi will look back on this encounter in time fondly and gain strength from it. Until then, she must hold out hope for a better tomorrow.

As the song draws to a close, AhYi wonders if her younger self is disappointed in her. On the contrary, baby AhYi couldn’t be more proud. Having received this reassurance from herself, AhYi is now able to move forward with a renewed zest for life. The smile on her face speaks for itself as she resumes her magic practice, ready to face the world on her own terms.

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