K-Pop Besties: We Can’t Get Enough Of JUST B’s Lim JiMin And TXT BeomGyu’s Adorable And Supportive Friendship

If you’re a Kpopmap reader, you might be familiar with our series “Kpop Besties” celebrating all the different friendships that exist in K-Pop. If not, you can check it out here. Today, we’re taking a look at JUST B’s Lim JiMin and TXT BeomGyu’s friendship.

Lim JiMin and BeomGyu have been close friends for quite some time and have a lovely friendship. They have a brother vibe and are the types of friends that seem to always be there for each other through thick and thin.

Their friendship became known when Lim JiMin revealed her friends on the survival show “The fan“. He let fans know that he is friends with BeomGyu and other idols, and shared how his friends were looking forward to him debuting soon so that they could meet each other during broadcasts.

You can see the duo’s close bond from the way they treat and talk about each other.

On a recent livestream, Lim JiMin talked about how he lent a large amount of money to BeomGyu because he urgently asked for it, looking sad. It was all part of a mission that BeomGyu had to fulfill, where he had to borrow 1 million Korean Won (about 770 USD) from a friend. BeomGyu was shocked to discover that Lim JiMin actually sent the money. However, Lim JiMin insisted that he could send it to him and trust him with the money because they are close friends.

JUST B and TXT BeomGyu’s Lim JiMin’s friendship is clearly built on a foundation of trust and support.

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In fact, Lim JiMin recently posted a selfie with BeomGyu with the caption, “Bobong and Jjimi met 🖤”. Bobong is the nickname BeomGyu’s friends use for him. Jjimi is Lim JiMin’s nickname that was given to him by BeomGyu. We are happy to see that they had the desire to meet during the broadcasts!

K-Pop besties: We can't get enough of JUST B's Lim JiMin and TXT BeomGyu's adorable and supportive friendship

JUST B’s Twitter

The selfie was taken on the same day they did a TikTok challenge together for JUST B’s latest release in collaboration with Alexa called ‘MBTI’. Check out the challenge below!


Great chemistry 😆 #TXT #Beomgyu and #JUSTdance_MBTI 💘

♬ MBTI – JUST B & Alexa

Here’s a video of Lim JiMin dancing to TXT’s latest title track “Sugar Rush Ride”.


The devil said😈 Give me more🔥 #JUSTB #저스트비 #LIMJIMIN #임지민 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #SugarRushRide #foryou #trend


It’s nice to see these K-Pop best friends supporting each other in every way possible.

What do you think of these besties? Isn’t their friendship just adorable?

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