It hasn’t been that long since the conclusion of tvN’s hit series, “Intensive Romance Course“. Jeon DoYeonNam HaengSeon’s portrayal of everyone is fresh in everyone’s minds and we’re sure millions still see the actress as the resilient and courageous main character. With such a strong recency bias, it can be hard to disassociate her from such an iconic role.

Jeon DoYeon's Shocking Transformation in Netflix Series Trailer "kill boksoon"


However, the world of entertainment does not stop and neither does the actress. Jeon DoYeon is set to appear on streaming giant Netflix once again, but this time in the form of a movie, titled “kill boksoon“. She is accompanied by a talented cast that includes Sun Kyung Gu, To theIt is My KyoHwan.

Netflix has just released the final trailer for the action movie on its YouTube channel earlier today, March 16th. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the trailer below.

In the trailer, Jeon DoYeon is definitely not the lovable, hardworking owner of a side dish shop. Instead, she makes a mind-blowing transformation into a deadly assassin, Kill BokSoon. Here, she doesn’t use her knife to cut ingredients, but rather to fight various enemies. Jeon DoYeon’s role as Kill BokSoon showcases the actress’ flexibility and how well she has mastered her craft.

The Netflix movie is set to release on March 31st, so the wait won’t be too long until we see Kill BokSoon in action.

Are you excited to watch Jeon DoYeon play a skilled assassin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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