Yim SiWan is one of the most popular acting idols today. The actor has been acclaimed for his versatile acting skills and has won several acting awards throughout his decade-plus acting career. Her popular drama appearance would include “misaeng“, “The King in Love“, and “Run On”. His most recent projects are the K-Drama “Summer Strike” and the Netflix film “unlocked“, which received an enthusiastic response from viewers. In addition to his talent, he is also known for his good looks and gentle personality, capturing not only the hearts of his fans, but also the general public.

Curious about Yim SiWan’s ideal type? Check it out below!

Idol Ideal Type Compilation: Yim SiWan

Maria Clara

Yim SiWan’s Ideal Type

Yim SiWan recently talked about his ideal type in his appearance on “Jo Hyunah’s Thursday Night”. He mentioned that he wants to find someone who can communicate well with him. Another thing he mentioned is that he hopes that he and his partner can boost each other’s self-esteem. In addition, he also wants to meet someone who can be happy even with trivial things. Finally, as he likes to travel, he hopes to find someone who doesn’t mind the difficulties of traveling with him.

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