It happened! Two of the brightest stars in the Korean entertainment industry, the future of K-Drama, Hwang InYoup and Kim YouJung have revealed their mutual desire to work together on a project in the future.

Previously, Kpopmap published an article featuring 3 duos we’d love to see in a K-Drama after watching “Young Actors’ Retreat”. For those who don’t know, “Young Actors’ Retreat” or “Youth MT” is a variety show starring cast members from three of the director’s popular K-Dramas Kim Sung Yoon – “Love In The Moonlight”, “Itaewon Class” and “The Sound Of Magic”, who take a vacation together to relax, play games, meet fans and more. Among them, Hwang InYoup and Kim YouJung were mentioned first. You can read the article below!

Given the adorable friendship of the two actors on the show, fans got a glimpse of their synergy and couldn’t help but virtually cast them in a K-Drama. In the latest episode of “Young Actors’ Retreat”, their relationship grew stronger as they became more comfortable and playful with each other.

In a segment of the show, where contestants played the flying chair game, Hwang InYoup asked the question we were all desperate to know the answer to. With Kim YouJung sitting in the center and Hwang InYoup on the flying chair, the latter tried to attack the opposing team by asking him a question, the answer to which he thought would trigger a forbidden word/action and send one of the opponents flying or drop a bomb. water. The big question was whether Kim YouJung would consider working with him in the future on the same project. Kim YouJung perked up and enthusiastically replied that if the opportunity presented itself, she would love to star alongside Hwang InYoup in the same work.

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Unfortunately, Kim YouJung’s response triggered the forbidden word attributed to Hwang InYoup, and he flew into the water, eliciting loud laughter from everyone around.

Would you like to see Hwang InYoup and Kim YouJung in a K-Drama together? What genre do you think would suit them? Tell us in the comments section below!

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