Highlights From The Chaotic First Meeting Between The Newest MC Duo Of “MCountdown” MONSTA X’s JooHoney And (G)I-DLE’s MiYeon

Just a month ago, it was announced that MONSTA X’s JooHoney would be joining (G) I-DLE’s MiYeon on Mnet’s”MCountdown” as the newest MC. Fans were ecstatic upon hearing this news and began preparing for the debut of JooHoney’s “MCountdown” MC. Many were also curious about how the two idols would fit together, considering their outgoing and friendly personalities .

MONBEBE and Neverland didn’t have long to wait as Mnet released a video of their first meeting. The content video was everything fans could ask for and more. While they were simply trying to decide on a nickname for the duo, their first meeting was chaotic and filled with endless laughter. Even a week after their debut as an MC duo, there are several moments from the video that live in our head rent-free.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from JooHoney and MiYeon’s chaotic first date.

1. MiYeon’s New MBTI

It started out as a normal conversation where the two idols guessed each other’s MBTI. When MiYeon started guessing JooHoney’s MBTI, she accidentally wrote ‘G’ instead of ‘J’, causing the entire studio to burst out laughing. JooHoney added to the hilarious scenario by probing MiYeon’s newly minted MBTI. Don’t worry MiYeon, everyone makes mistakes.

2. Princess MiYeon

In full MiYeon style, the idol nonchalantly stated that she is indeed a princess. The princess from “MCountdown” to be exact. Though that probably wasn’t the answer JooHoney was hoping for, as he got flustered immediately afterwards. We would also be speechless if we came face to face with Princess MiYeon.

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3. Cutie Joo Honey

At the end of the video, JooHoney and MiYeon were given a nickname suggested by one of their managers. They liked it so much that the two tried to talk as cute as possible. JooHoney exploded with cuteness from her high-pitched voice to adorable gestures. If the replay button could break, I would be in tatters from watching cute JooHoney over and over again.

What do you think of the new MC duo for “MCountdown”? Let us know in the comments below!

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