Here Are The Fragrances Used By NCT’s DOJAEJUNG, In Honor Of Their Debut EP “Perfume”

NCT’s subunit DOJAEJUNG, which stands for DoYoung, JaeHyun, and JungWoo, is scheduled to make their official debut on April 17, 2023 with the EP titled “Perfume”. The tracklist consists of 6 songs including the title track ‘Perfume’ followed by ‘Kiss’, ‘Dive’, ‘Strawberry Sunday’, ‘Can We Go Back’ and ‘Ordinary’. The EP is genre-diverse, inspired by NCT’s many musical colors, and will contain themes involving love.

Here are the fragrances worn by NCT's DOJAEJUNG, in honor of his debut EP "perfume"

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Now, as is evident from the title of the mini-album, fragrance and perfumery will form the core of the concept for this debut. It also turns out that all three members have shared their love of perfume with fans. Needless to say, they have quite the collection!

Some of DoYoung’s favorite perfumes include “Blanche” by Byredo, “ANOTHER 13” and “Neroli 36” by Le Labo, “Gaiac 10” by Tokyo Le Labo, “Lime Basil & Mandarin” by Jo Malone London, “Soleil Blanc” by Tom Ford, “Rosa Gardenia” by Santa Maria Novella and “1957” by Chanel. DoYoung’s favorite perfume notes seem to be fresh, musky, citrus, woody, and white florals.

As for Jaehyun, he prefers to wear different perfumes on different days. One of his signature scents is “Wood Sage & Sea Salt” by Jo Malone London. He is also known for liking Tom Ford’s “White Suede”, Jo Malone London’s “Myrrh & Tonka” and Byredo’s “Bal d’Afrique”. The predominant notes in JaeHyun’s favorite perfumes seem to be aromatic, amber, musky and citrusy.

Finally, JungWoo likes Byredo’s “Unnamed” because it is a special release by Byredo to celebrate his 10th birthday. It allows the owner to personalize the bottle, giving it a name and meaning that are special to him. JungWoo is also known for using “Mojave Ghost” by Byredo, “Do Son” and “Fleur de Peau” by Diptyque, “Chloe Roses De Chloe” by Chloé, “Grapefruit” and “English Pear & Freesia” by Jo Malone London and according to the fans, “Décou-Vert” from the Olfactory Laboratory. JungWoo seems to be very fond of floral, rose and musky notes.

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Do you know any other perfume that these idols use? Let us know in the comments section below!

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