In recent years, the BL drama industry in Korea has really exploded. Nowadays, we have more and more Korean BL dramas, which last longer and are always improving. But that doesn’t mean that some of the first BL released were of poor quality, on the contrary, they set the standards and foundation of BL dramas. This includes the relationship dynamics between the characters. There is the famous trope of enemy to lover, or even friends to lover, a classic. But there’s one trope that always makes our hearts love a couple, and that’s when the last one to fall in love falls even harder.

We all know those dramas where one character falls in love with the other first, but when the second falls in love, he also falls much more in love. Well, that happens in BL dramas too, and quite often actually. This dynamic of love always makes the story more intense and the relationship even more beautiful. It could be the way they look at each other or the way they care for each other, it just takes everything to another level. So let’s take a look at who dropped first and who dropped the hardest in Korean BL dramas.

Note: This is not a rating.

He Fell First, But The Other Fell More - BL Drama Edition

Drama “Where Your Eyes Linger”

In this drama, TaeJoo (Han GiChan), who is the successor of a big company, falls in love with his, and only, childhood friend. But later in the story, TaeJoo’s friend Kang Gook (Jang EuiSoo) also falls in love with him, and seeing how he is willing to sacrifice so much for TaeJoo, it’s clear that he was the one who fell the most in love in this story.

He Fell First, But The Other Fell More - BL Drama Edition

Drama “You Make Me Dance”

In this drama, HongSeok (Won TaeMin), a debt collector, is the first to fall in love with his debtor ShiOn (Choo YoungWoo). As he takes care of him and supports him in his dream and career, ShiOn also slowly takes a liking to HongSeok, until he falls in love with him on his birthday when the other gives him a very special gift.

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He Fell First, But The Other Fell More - BL Drama Edition

drama “Color Rush”

In “Color Rush”, YeonWoo (Yoo Jun) and YooHan (Hur HyunJun) grow closer very early in the story, as YeonWoo needs YooHan to be able to see colors. YooHan is falling in love with YeonWoo first, moved by YeonWoo’s various expressions when he sees colors and his cute attitude. But YeonWoo falls harder after fighting feelings for him for a long time.

He Fell First, But The Other Fell More - BL Drama Edition

Drama “Blueming”

Also in “Blueming” it is very easy to guess who fell first and who fell the most. DaWoon (Cho HyukJun) obviously fell first, showing his love for SiWon (Kang EunBin) from the beginning of the drama. But Siwon didn’t wait long before he fell in love with Dawoon too, and sure enough he fell in love with Dawoon even more. If their relationship started off with a bit of jealousy and competitiveness, they ended up falling in love in the end!

He Fell First, But The Other Fell More - BL Drama Edition

Drama “Semantic Error”

Who didn’t notice who fell first and who fell hardest in this drama? JaeYoung (Park SeoHam) annoys SangWoo (DKZ’s JaeChan) at first, but as he spends time with him, he slowly falls in love. As for SangWoo, he’s been denying his feelings for so long, but seeing how JaeYoung changed him and made him catch feelings for him, it’s clear that SangWoo fell in love more than JaeYoung here!

He Fell First, But The Other Fell More - BL Drama Edition

Drama “One More Time”

As JaeWoo (Moon JiYong) tries to fix the past, he already knows JiHoon (Lee HyunJun) more than JiHoon knows him. It was logical that JaeWoo went down first, but who would have thought that JiHoon would go down harder? He’s pushing JaeWoo away so many times, it’s almost like he was never going to fall in love with him, but he ended up falling in love with JaeWoo, and even more, how cute!

To avoid spoilers, not a lot of information is included with each walkthrough, but if you’re curious to see how and why one went down first and the other went down harder, we encourage you to check out the BL dramas listed here!

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