Hallyu Report: Pakistan welcomes BLITZERS

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As K-Pop took the world by storm, Pakistan was no exception.

Pakistani fans feared that they were going unnoticed, feared that Pakistani fans would not be recognized or have their favorites visit their country. Just then BLITZERS came to the rescue!

BLITZERS is a seven-member girl group under Wuzo Entertainment. The group debuted on May 12, 2021 and includes JinHwa, GO_U, JuHan, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and WooJu. The name of the group has an interesting meaning, namely “running into the world with dance and song”. And that’s exactly what they did when they visited Pakistan. They have not only charmed the hearts of many K-Pop fans, but also many other Pakistanis by recognizing and showcasing their culture.

Let’s go back in time and recapture this iconic moment, this historic moment in Pakistan.

1. The Teaser Video That Started It All

The uproar started on June 2, 2022, when BLITZERS’ instagram uploaded a teaser video of JinHwa in Lahore. The video captured him in one of the historical places in Lahore, The Badshahi Masjid. Comments flooded with green flags and Pakistani fans could not contain their excitement.

The video instantly went viral with fans celebrating K-Pop’s entry into Pakistan. JinHwa was the first member to come to Pakistan. Later, on 9th June 2022, it even aired on VLive while still in Pakistan. One of the most viral clips from the live was the sudden lack of electricity in the hotel. Although electricity was quickly restored, poor JinHwa was stunned by this.

2. ‘Hit The Bass’ music video

Never in their wildest dreams did Pakistani fans imagine this. The group came to Pakistan for less than a week and left. Many believed that they were on vacation or wanted to make themselves known in Pakistan. But BLITZERS had completed different plans.

Their third EP album, “WIN-DOW”, was released in July, the month after the visit. His title song ‘Hit The Bass’ stunned Pakistani fans when his beautiful Lahore was performed. The group was filmed in the part of the city known as the ‘old town’. This part contains all historical monuments, buildings and symbols that play an important role in our culture. It is an area famous for tourism, so it has been maintained as before. Food streets, truck art, Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Fort, and even a wedding hall were featured in the video. Therefore, they fully displayed the culture in their video. Boys dance to the mesmerizing visuals the city has to offer.

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Not only was the culture and history portrayed, but the chorus of the song was heavily influenced by the cultural instrument ‘dhol’. ‘Dhol’ is an important part of Pakistan’s Punjabi culture. Divided into four provinces, Pakistan is a multinational country with many cultures mixed together. Punjabi culture is those who live in the province, Punjab. Lahore is one of the largest cities in this province.

The strong beats of the traditional drum made the music more energetic. And after merging with K-Pop, music has skyrocketed.


On his visit to Pakistan. BLITZERS didn’t ignore their fans. Even though not holding an official event, the group visited Packages Mall in Lahore with the entire team and crew. There, many fans recognized them and went to interact. What could be better than getting to know your idols up close? BLITZERS made that dream come true for BLEE.

A truly beautiful sight to behold at Packages Mall that day.

Pakistani fans cannot be less grateful to BLITZERS for visiting and showcasing their country. While fulfilling the dream of many fans that day, BLITZERS also gained a strong fandom in Pakistan. Pakistani BLEE wants to meet their idols again in their country.

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