H1-KEY’s Favorite Lines From Their Increasingly Popular Hit Track ‘Rose Blossom’

It’s not uncommon for K-Pop groups to reach higher at the start of their scheduled promotions. That’s when fans are most likely buying their albums and streaming their music on an ongoing basis. Then, with time and new releases from other groups, these songs naturally start to fall on the charts.

But an emerging girl group H1-KEY did the impossible with their title track ‘Rose Blossom’, finding success well after its January 5th release. Many news articles have described the girl group as creating a miracle from a small company. This unprecedented feat was even covered on SBS News.

On forum sites and social media platforms, netizens expressed the surprising ability to identify the letters. They just touch listeners’ hearts, making them want to listen to the track of the moment over and over again.

If you haven’t heard ‘Rose Blossom’ by H1-KEY yet, check out the music video here.

Of course, the lyrics resonated with the members of H1-KEY as well. Look below to check out each ‘Rose Blossom’ member’s favorite line.

1. Courage to Stay Strong

HwiSeoFavorite line from ‘Standing Strong standing by moment by moment’. It took some time for the premiere and comeback. During that waiting period, some people may have gotten impatient and chosen a different path. However, HwiSeo believes that, just like the lyrics, she and her members have been able to stay strong throughout this time.

2. Thriving and Growing

Leader Herefavorite part of ‘Rose Blossom’ is “Thrive and Grow, Don’t Hold Back”. She likens the lyrics to a mother’s warm, comfortable embrace. She also sees it as a line meant to provide comfort when you’re tired and worn out. With that lovely sentiment, we can see why so many repeat ‘Rose Blossom’.

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3. Perfect description of yourself

The lyrics that resonated with rina the maximum is “Until they get drunk on my scent and smile”. She says the phrase was the perfect description of her situation at the time. As such, she took special care to imbue the lyrics with her energy in order to offer fans a message of courage and hope.

4. Keep your head up

for maknae yel, her favorite line is one that promotes resilience and strength. She says “I’ll keep my head up, stand my ground until the end”. She personifies this spirit, even through the choreography, saying that she dances this part with her head held high. Yel hopes to stand the test of time and stay in the K-Pop industry until the very end.

We can totally see why ‘Rose Blossom’ has been growing in popularity even months after its release. What’s your favorite line from H1-KEY’s hit track? Let us know in the comments!

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