Girl Crush: Lee YoungJi As The MZ Generation It Girl Who Shines No Matter What Entertainment Space She Is In

Lee YoungJi is famous as one of the Korean celebrities who represents all things MZ generation. She is considered one of the trendiest and trendiest faces in the Korean entertainment industry right now. This stems from a number of reasons from her fashion, personality, the way she presents herself through various projects, her music and much more. She has become one of the most passionate girls in the industry.

But what exactly makes her a girl in love? Let’s find out in today’s article.

A ‘love girl’ is defined as a woman or girl who is an object of admiration. In other words, one of the K-Pop female idols or Korean actresses that fans wish was their best friend or girlfriend. This could be based on your style, personality, general vibe, etc.

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Welcome to article seventy-eighth from Kpopmap’s weekly series “Girl in love“!

Observation: There will be no voting for the next girl in love in this article. According to last week’s survey results, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon will be the next girl in love to be introduced in the series.

Back this week’s feature!

Let’s meet our girl crush, Lee YoungJi!

Girl Crush: Lee YoungJi as the MZ generation's it girl who shines no matter what entertainment space she's in

Harper’s Bazaar

Lee YoungJi is a multifaceted talent who has made a name for himself as a rapper, variety show star, and YouTuber.

She is known for her husky voice that has a raw yet mellow quality that is simply addictive to listen to. When she transitions between rapping and singing, she does so effortlessly and ensures that audiences are left in awe of her unique voice. Her voice is an irreplaceable gem in the industry today, unrivaled by others.

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You can check out her SoundCloud here and her performance of ‘NOT SORRY’ ft. pH-1 below to start.

Its performance skills don’t stop there. She is also an accomplished dancer and has often amazed people with her exceptional dancing. She is known for her funky moves and superior sense of rhythm especially.

Check out her dance practice video with sub-unit SEVENTEEN BSS for their recent collaboration below.

Her personality is also a serious draw factor for her as she has an authentic and unfiltered personality. Instead of watching what she says, she calls it what it is, making people appreciate her for being a breath of fresh air. Whether she’s on a variety show or her own YouTube, she always tries her best to naturally make people laugh. After watching one of Lee YoungJi’s shows, you won’t be able to resist her spontaneous personality.

Girl Crush: Lee YoungJi as the MZ generation's it girl who shines no matter what entertainment space she's in


She is also a social butterfly who literally makes friends wherever she goes. She’s a lovely person who shines through no matter what entertainment space she’s in.

There are more reasons to love her, but those are just a few.

What do you think? Do you have a crush on Lee YoungJi?

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