Get Ready To “FACE” BTS’ JiMin In A Behind-The-Scenes Interview With Spotify, In Honor Of His Solo Debut Album Release

BTS’s JiMin has cemented his status as a multifaceted artist over the course of an illustrious career, particularly as a member of BTS. On solo his artistry is emphasized and his musical offerings fill the soul in just the right way. Fortunately for us, JiMin has just released his first solo debut album titled “FACE” on March 24 at 1pm KST. The album is about JiMin facing himself as he prepares for his next step as a solo artist, according to BIGHIT MUSIC.

With fans already on the lookout for this spectacular album, many are eager to see other content related to the release.

JiMin recently took a shoot with the internationally beloved streaming platform. Spotify. Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes clip from the shoot below.

In an exclusive interview with Spotify, they caught up with JiMin himself to talk about the song’s creation and the meaning it holds. They also revealed 3 vital facts you should know about “FACE” in their interview.

1. “FACE” is an honest expression of JiMin’s feelings

JiMin has shown her vulnerable side through this album and wants fans to feel it through her music.

It contains my sincere feelings that I felt during the pandemic. Like the title, “FACE”, it tells the story of how I faced myself and finally reached a new starting point.
This is my first album and it reflects who I am. I hope listeners can see it with those feelings and intentions. “That’s how he established his own songs.” I didn’t start with any big reason, so I’ll try to show better versions of myself in the future.
BTS’s JiMin

2. He has an undying dedication to BTS

Despite this new beginning as a soloist, one thing remains the same. JiMin has always been a part of BTS. And BTS is always part of JiMin.

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The lead track, ‘Like Crazy’, is a synth-pop song. It’s about the painful feeling of getting lost while looking for a loved one in a dream, but still wanting to stay in the dream forever. Inspiration came from one of my favorite movies, “Like Crazy”, [and] has the same title as my lead track.
I wanted all the songs to be communicated well, but especially on ‘Like Crazy’, the last part that says, “I want to stay in this dream…” is basically what I wanted to express the most on this album. My feelings are well portrayed, so I like this line better.

Which dream do you want to stay in forever?

It’s BTS, frankly. I want to stay in this dream that is BTS for a long time.
BTS’s JiMin

3. From lyrics to choreography, “FACE” reflects JiMin’s unwavering dedication to his craft

As JiMin prefaced this album, he is facing himself head on. As such, it’s only fitting that he has as much to say on this album as possible.

Including the choreography, I participated in many different areas for this album and strived to make it as fun and great as possible.
I lived with the songwriters and producers who worked on the album during its production. I saw them so often, so the whole process was really fun and really meaningful to me. So those memories still linger now.
BTS’s JiMin

Be sure to watch the full interview in the playlist clips on K-Pop ON!

Also be sure to check out Spotify’s K-Pop ON! Track, which is a website dedicated to all things K-Pop that brings casual listeners and veteran superfans closer to the artists and music they love.

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