TXT captured the hearts of fans everywhere since their electrifying debut. Their success can be attributed to their incredible stage presence, addictive discography and swoon-worthy personalities. They constantly prove that they are not just BTS‘ younger siblings, but a group that can stand on their own.

Recently, the ever-talented boy group held their TXT Dream Week, an anniversary event to celebrate their debut with MOA. The special event includes new content such as collections of photos, videos and special music. Among them was a special gift for their fans, with the members sharing “What’s In My Bag” content through a photo collage.

Beom Gyu presented an interesting array of items from her purse. These items included chewing gum, a phone charger, a colleague’s book yeonjun, sweets and a bottle of hand cream. Depending on the type of person you are, your attention has gravitated towards a certain item. For those interested in makeup and skin care, BeomGyu’s hand cream probably caught your eye!

Find out which TXT BeomGyu Hand Moisturizing Cream keeps in your bag


BeomGyu’s favorite hand cream comes from cosmetics brand Mediheal and costs around 2,870 Korean Won! The hand cream is called floral red and several fans have already bought the product and put it to use. The hand cream is said to be moist to the touch and carries a pleasant scent when applied.

If you are looking for a new hand cream to try, why not buy the same as BeomGyu!

Is there anything from BeomGyu’s bag that you would buy? Let us know in the comments.

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