It’s a well-known fact in the K-Pop community that makeup isn’t just reserved for female idols. Even male idols go to the beauty salon to get a full makeover before any scheduled event. With the right shade of blush and the perfect primer application, even male idol looks can be enhanced by top-notch beauty products.

Kim Jae Hwan is widely known for his captivating vocal abilities and musicianship. But his lovely voice isn’t the only charming thing about him. The idol recently made an appearance on SBS'”inkigayo” and fans were absolutely smitten with his look. They paid special attention to his luscious pink lips that had just the right shade and shine. Many netizens were left wondering what products he used to achieve the look. If this sounds like you , Then you have come to the right place.

Check out the beauty products used to achieve Kim JaeHwan’s luscious pink lips!

The products

Gucci Beauty Bright Red

Discover the products used to get Kim JaeHwan's luscious pink lips


Gucci Rouge De Beauté Brilliant is a long-wearing hybrid lipstick that reportedly provides at least 24 hours of moisture and shine. The lipstick prides itself on maintaining the natural beauty of the mouth, leaving lips fuller and perfectly plumped. To achieve Kim JaeHwan’s specific appearance, you must purchase 214 Call It A Day. When searching online, the lipstick goes for $45 or 62,000 Korean won before tax. It may be expensive, but the Gucci brand offers quality and class.

PERIPERA Water Bare Tint

Discover the products used to get Kim JaeHwan's luscious pink lips


PERIPERA Water Bare Tint comes in 6 different shades, allowing for a variety of different choices. With the use of 40% high water content, it helps you achieve watery and dewy looking lips. It is light and easy to apply, allowing the perfect finish to the beauty look. For Kim JaeHwan’s specific look, you’ll want to buy the 06 Softly Brown version of the lip tint. Depending on where you look, it can go up to $10.45 USD or 9,600 Korean Won, making it extremely cheap and accessible to everyone.

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Would you be willing to try and replicate Kim JaeHwan’s attractive pink lips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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