Discover the heavenly scent worn by MONSTA X's JooHoney

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K-Pop idols spend countless hours at beauty salons in preparation for their busy schedules. The stylists ensure that the idol’s makeup is on point, their hair is done, and that the idol wears the most stylish clothes imaginable. It definitely takes a lot of time and work to look like a K-Pop idol. But at the end of the day, it’s an effort well spent.

While overall looks and fashion are essential to transforming yourself into a fashionable K-Pop star, perfume plays a big role too! To achieve such a divine aroma, idols look for different brands of perfume and cologne. They can be from big brands or from local cosmetics stores. Recently, wide-eyed netizens discovered the product that MONSTA X’s JooHoney uses to maintain its seductive scent.

Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid

Discover the heavenly scent worn by MONSTA X's JooHoney

tom ford

It was revealed that JooHoney wears Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid Perfume! Launched in 2014, Velvet Orchid is described as having a “bold and glamorous floral signature that promises a unique character, atmosphere and experience”. That description fits the idol perfectly, with his bold rapping skills and bright, bubbly personality. JooHoney is an icon in the K-Pop industry and definitely needs an iconic scent for everyday wear.

On Tom Ford’s website, the perfume is listed at 150 USD for 50 ML. Although the price is expensive, sometimes sacrifices have to be made to smell like a K-Pop idol.

Have you tried Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid? What do you think of JooHoney’s perfume choice? Let us know in the comments.

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