The world of K-Drama has no shortage of talent as new faces grace television screens across networks all the time. These rising celebrities possess a pure, vibrant energy that is absolutely infectious. They may just be getting started, but viewers recognize their efforts right away and look forward to their performances with each new episode.

One of the newest actors making it big in the entertainment industry, literally and figuratively, is a rookie Oh Jun Taek.

Learn More About BL Web Drama Rookie Actor Oh JunTaek "the eighth sense"


He is gaining immense love for his portrayal of JiHyun in the BL web drama.”the eighth sense“. Currently, “The Eighth Sense” has only two episodes released so far, but the BL community has become immersed in the captivating storyline. Part of its success is thanks to Oh JunTaek’s refreshing acting skills and chemistry with the main protagonist, Lim JiSub.

Learn More About BL Web Drama Rookie Actor Oh JunTaek "the eighth sense"

Oh JunTaek Instagram

Oh JunTaek was born on January 27, 2001, making him an Aquarius. Since his birthday is in early 2001, he was born in the year of the pig. He is currently not signed to an agency and is working as a freelance actor.

JunTaek’s MBTI personality type was originally ENFP. However, after filming “The Eighth Sense”, he ended up taking the test again and his results changed to INTJ, exactly the same as his co-star Lim JiSub.

“The Eighth Sense” is his acting debut, but he is able to display a wide range of emotions that captivate viewers. You can catch a glimpse of his acting in the trailer for “The Eighth Sense” below.

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In an interview, Oh JunTaek reveals that he wants to try out a strong and tough character for his next role – the complete opposite of his portrayal of JiHyun.

The rookie actor just opened an Instagram account earlier this year @ohjunt. Be sure to follow him for more acting updates!

Learn More About BL Web Drama Rookie Actor Oh JunTaek "the eighth sense"

Oh JunTaek’s Instagram

Are you watching “The Eighth Sense”? What do you think of Oh JunTaek’s acting? Let us know in the comments!

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