ONEUS is an excellent idol group that is making its mark in the K-Pop industry. They have become a source of happiness and strength for TO MOON all over the world, just by genuinely being themselves. Seeing this, fans can’t help but shower them with lots of love and support through every available channel – including here at Kpopmap. We allow K-Pop fans to share more about their favorite and trending groups with our readers through the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.

These fans answer several questions, shedding some light on their favorite idols and how their lives have completely changed because of them. They offer heartfelt stories and heartfelt quotes, showing just how big of an impact a group like ONEUS has had on their lives.

This week we meet some TO MOON as they talk about the special qualities of their favorite idol group.

So let’s take a look at the overflowing charms of ONEUS!

1. Uplifting interactions with fans

Fan interview highlights: quotes from TO MOON about the charms of their prejudices

ONEUS official Twitter

Idols can seem like distant, bright stars that are just out of reach. However, many times, they are the exact opposite. Like their fandom, ONEUS is determined to reach TO MOON in any way possible. Yvette, one of the @seohocafe admins, loves her bias, SeoHo, interacts with fans saying that “he helps me gain confidence and changes my perspective on many things”. At the heart of TO MOON, ONEUS is at the center, and luckily, the same can be said in reverse!

2. Idols with a heart as big as their talent

Fan interview highlights: quotes from TO MOON about the charms of their prejudices

ONEUS official Twitter

There is no doubt that ONEUS is a group full of talent. They give it their all on stage and wow their fans with every performance. But sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. When the Brazilian TO MOON Evenin talks about her bias, KeonHee, she mentions her sincerity and willingness to talk to fans about her emotions. This caring and kind nature makes TO MOON feel safe and reminds them that they can look to ONEUS for strength.

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3. Beautiful singing voice

ONEUS are 100% performant. They set the stage ablaze with their explosive charisma and knife-edge choreography. But every member has swoon-worthy vocals that wrap you in a blanket of warmth – even the main rapper. leedo. Colombian TO MOON ʚGabyɞ states that when he sings “his voice is very sweet and different”. The contrast between his deep voice and melodic voice is noticeable, but it’s also one of the things TO MOON loves about him.

4. Human sun rays

We all have bad days, but luckily for TO MOON like Vlada, they can look to ONEUS to recharge and refuel. All five members have enough energy to provide fans when they are running low. Their joy is absolutely contagious and can be seen from miles away. ONEUS are able to do this because of their genuine sincerity and desire to become their fans’ daily vitamin.

5. A Well of Encouraging Messages

Stage presence aside, TO MOON like Nora loves ONEUS for acting as a support system. They constantly show that they have their fans’ well-being in mind and do their best to be there for them. They even offer words of wisdom and advice to provide comfort and peace. Even something as simple as “Don’t worry” is enough to get you TO MOON during the day.

These are just a few quotes from TO MOON about his favorite group ONEUS. Thanks for sharing your stories with us and the rest of the K-Pop community.

We would love to hear from you! Follow the instructions to share your fan story and tell us about your favorite group(s) and bias.Fan interview highlights: quotes from TO MOON about the charms of their prejudices

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