MONSTA X are a group that has achieved international success, becoming an idol group loved by fans all over the world. Ever since they appeared as trainees in the survival program”NO MERCY”, MONBEBE multiplied tenfold, posting on various social media sites to express their love for the idol group. Even here at Kpopmap, we allow K-Pop fans to share more about their favorite groups like MONSTA X and biases with our readers through the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.

These fans answer several questions, shedding some light on their favorite idols and how their lives have changed because of them. They offer heartfelt stories and moving quotes, showing just how much of an impact K-Pop has had on their lives.

This week, we meet some MONBEBE as they talk about the idol group’s special charms.

So let’s take a look and see how MONSTA X has influenced their daily lives.

1. Inspiration to keep moving forward

Everyone has some kind of defect. Some even have a past they prefer to forget. But all it takes is a push for them to go the right way. That is certainly the case for MONSTA X Worldwide’s Admin J. She shares “Looking back at my past, I made a lot of mistakes, lost myself a lot of times in life. MONSTA X taught me to get down on my knees and go forward with double strength.” The idol group has this effect on people, acting as the perfect motivator to become a better human being.

2. Importance of Exercise

There’s nothing better than the comfort of your own bed and Admin SH of Fashionbebe514 knows that for sure. She describes her past self as the “laziest person on the planet”. However, she quickly changed her ways because of her bias. show naked. Watching him work out and seeing the work he did to stay in shape inspired his own fitness journey. Although she is not as intense as the MONSTA X boys, she is much more active than before. If anyone needs some gym inspiration, MONSTA X would be the perfect example.

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3. Gather friends

Fan interview highlights: MONBEBE quotes about how MONSTA X influenced his life

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Making friends can be difficult, especially in such a volatile online space filled with haters and trolls. But among those bad instances on the internet is a person or a group that shares similar interests. Lucky for Ecuadorian MONBEBE Fresa, as a fan of the idol group, she was able to make “best friends for life” with several people. Her commitment to MONSTA X has allowed her to form lasting connections with others. Joining a group would make for the most amazing origin story of friendship.

4. Not afraid to do something new

Challenges and trying new things can be extremely daunting. The journey into the unknown can be crippling for even the most experienced. But in the words of Worldwide Monsta X’s Admin K, “they make me want to do things I was too scared to try before; learning a new language, making new connections with strangers”. For many things, all we need is a courageous, empowering boost. Fortunately for Admin K, she found her courage through the members of MONSTA X.

5. It’s okay not to be okay

Fan interview highlights: MONBEBE quotes about how MONSTA X influenced his life

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Mental health is becoming a widely accepted topic around the world. Idols are no longer afraid of the heavy subject and have even started to go on hiatus to remedy their mental health. Admin A from Fashionbebe514 says his bias I AM reminds her that it’s “okay to feel things and go through all the feelings”. For her and many others, her prejudice has become a safe place and a constant reminder of how good this life is.

These are just a few quotes from MONBEBE about his favorite male idol group, MONSTA X. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and the rest of the K-Pop community.

We would love to hear from you! Follow the instructions to share your fan story and tell us about your favorite group(s) and bias.

Fan interview highlights: MONBEBE quotes about how MONSTA X influenced his life

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