STORM they are still young in their careers, but they have already won the hearts of many. When fans look at TEMPEST, they see a group of individuals determined to go the distance, primed and ready to conquer the K-Pop industry. Because of their passion, iE can’t help but support their beloved idol group by every means possible – including here at Kpopmap. We allow K-Pop fans to share more about their favorite and trending groups with our readers through the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.

These fans answer several questions, shedding some light on their favorite idols and how their lives have completely changed because of them. They offer heartfelt stories and heartfelt quotes, showing just how big of an impact a group like TEMPEST has had on their lives.

This week, we meet some iE as they talk about their favorite idol group’s special qualities.

So let’s take a look at the endless charms of TEMPEST rookies!

1. The members have great chemistry

TEMPEST spent countless hours in the practice room while waiting for their debut. They naturally honed their skills in terms of singing, dancing and teamwork! Filipina iE notices these efforts and claims that “the members of the group have great chemistry with each other”. It’s one thing to shine as an individual, but to shine as an entire group requires special skills. This teamwork and togetherness makes TEMPEST stand out, becoming a treasured idol group for iE everywhere.

2. An absolute joy to watch

One of the charms that American iE, KK, sees in the rising boy group is that they are “always fun and uplifting to watch because the group has good vibes”. For iE, TEMPEST certainly passed the vibe test with flying colors. Whether they’re performing on stage or acting cute at a fan meeting, their bright energy is resounding and can be felt through monitors around the world.

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3. A group that is easy to fall in love with

For some, saying the ‘L’ word can be a struggle and not everyone can open their heart at any time. But when it comes to her favorite idol group, Filipino iE Rae says “TEMPEST members are easy to love”. Previously, Rae only knew about members Han bin. But once the group started posting pre-debut content, she started looking to the other members and found a group she could wholeheartedly support. Love is hard, but not when it comes to idol group TEMPEST!

4. All members are unique and special

Although TEMPEST has impressive chemistry and teamwork, all of the members still contain a unique charm that sets them apart from the rest. iE how Maymay is able to list several swoon-worthy qualities of each member of TEMPEST. They all have their own distinct color, creating a beautiful rainbow for fans to feast their eyes on. With all the members combined, they create the TEMPEST that iE loves today.

5. Feels like an old friend

Fan Interview Highlights: Quotes from iE about TEMPEST's Endless Charms

TEMPEST Official Twitter

TEMPEST has a storied history and some fans like Camely stuck with the idol group from the beginning. She, along with many others, have been by TEMPEST’s side since their pre-debut days and because of that, the beloved artist feels like an old friend. They watched the boys get better and better with each passing day. Seeing their improvement and growth would drive anyone to support the rising idol group.

These are just a few quotes from iE about his favorite group TEMPEST. Thanks for sharing your stories with us and the rest of the K-Pop community!

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Fan Interview Highlights: Quotes from iE about TEMPEST's Endless Charms

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