DKZ we are a resilient group that faces all challenges head on. They became pillars of support for Dong-ari across the world. Be it through their performances, live streams or social media posts, fans can’t help but fall in love with the idol group. Dong-ari seeks out various channels to let the world know about DKZ – and some even share their story here on Kpopmap. We allow K-Pop fans to share more about their favorite and trending groups with our readers through the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.

These fans answer several questions, shedding some light on their favorite idols and how their lives have completely changed because of them. They offer heartfelt stories and genuine quotes, showing just how much of an impact a group like DKZ has had on their lives.

This week, we meet some Dong-ari as they talk about the reasons why they love their favorite idol group.

So let’s take a look at DKZ’s overflowing charms!

1. Full of energy and relieves stress

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of K-Pop idols is the word ‘performer’. They dominate the stage from the first second, giving a memorable performance that will be etched in our hearts. But Hong Kong Dong-ari, JwoWon, sees much more in DKZ. He says “they give me a lot of energy when I’m stressed”. They just have a calming effect that can be felt by fans everywhere. Who needs a stress ball when you have a group like DKZ.

2. A group with many different sides

The entirety of DKZ are multi-talented, making the list of why fans like them grow longer every day. US-based Dong-ari Nikki says that DKZ “is a group that wants to show all the different aspects and charms of themselves.” The members delved into musicals, became radio hosts, and submitted numerous dance covers to various artists. They are certainly a group that explodes with talent, deserving all recognition and praise.

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3. Introduction to the K-Pop community

Firsts are always something special. For Filipina Dong-ari Maria, DKZ was the first group she decided to follow and the first group that got her into K-Pop. Its unique concept and buoyant, contagious energy left a deep impact on Maria, causing her to learn more about the idol group. With their talents and soulful personality, DKZ is the perfect group for anyone’s first introduction to K-Pop.

4. Withstood all your difficulties

Fan interview highlights: Dong-ari quotes on reasons why they love DKZ

DKZ Official Twitter

Being an idol is not an easy task. It takes years of training and it certainly doesn’t get any easier after debut. Despite the many obstacles DKZ faced, fans recognized his hard work and resilience. “They’ve weathered all odds and kept going, working hard and evolving in everything they do.” DKZ is a group that never gives up, and their passion is able to motivate fans all over the world.

5. A reason to smile

Fan interview highlights: Dong-ari quotes on reasons why they love DKZ

DKZ Official Twitter

K-Pop groups can be talented vocalists, spectacular performers, and even hilarious comedians. Together they become a source of strength and a reason to smile. UK-based Dong-ari Soph says DKZ “never fails to make me smile and that’s something I’ll always be grateful for.” DKZ as a whole has an infectious and upbeat personality that radiates positive vibes. It is with this characteristic, along with many others, that makes them an idol group loved by many.

These are just a few quotes from Dong-ari about his favorite group DKZ. Thanks for sharing your stories with us and the rest of the K-Pop community.

We would love to hear from you! Follow the instructions to share your fan story and tell us about your favorite group(s) and bias.
Fan interview highlights: Dong-ari quotes on reasons why they love DKZ

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