Fan Interview Highlights: Quotes About SF9 And Their Influence On The Daily Lives Of FANTASY

SF9 are widely known for their powerful and sexy charisma. They made many fall in love with their jaw-dropping performances, making them a FANTASY in no time.

Seeing their charms and heartwarming personalities, fans can’t help but shower the idol group with endless love and support. They use any available channel to talk about their favorite idols, from social media to here on Kpopmap. We allow K-Pop fans to share more about their favorite and trending groups with our readers through the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.

These fans answer various questions and shed some light on their favorite idols and how their lives have completely changed because of them. They offer heartfelt stories and heartfelt quotes, showing just how big of an impact a group like SF9 has had on their lives.

This week we meet some FANTASY as they talk about what their favorite idol group means to them.

So let’s take a look at SF9 and how they capture their fans’ hearts!

1. A source of constant happiness

For many, life can be extremely difficult and put a thousand different obstacles in our way. However, for FANTASY as Ms. Yoo, SF9 becomes a much-needed energy boost throughout the day. Mrs. Yoo says of the boy group, “They may not be aware of my existence, but they bring me constant happiness.” SF9 lights up the room, up close and through screens everywhere.

2. Motivation to work for a better future

In order to fulfill their dreams, SF9 had to work as a trainee. Even after taking the stage for the first time, they have continued to hone their skills and are constantly improving. FANTASY as Fahmida notices his effort and is encouraged to “work hard for a better future”. SF9 and FANTASY share a special relationship that encourages growth in all areas of life. The idol and fandom that grow together, stay together.

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3. Always Next to FANTASY

Life can be downright lonely for a myriad of reasons. But with a group like SF9, fans don’t have to worry about feelings of loneliness. Spanish FANTASY Desi talks about SF9 and says “when I see them, I feel like I have someone by my side, despite being far away”. Their presence has become a huge part of fans’ lives, providing a safe haven for many FANTASY across the world. That feeling alone makes SF9 an amazing group to follow and stan.

4. Reminder to appreciate the little things

Fan interview highlights: quotes about SF9 and its influence on daily FANTASY life

SF9’s Twitter

With everything going on in the world, it can be easy to miss the smallest details of life. But for FANTASY as RoWoon Loyalist, SF9 serves as a reminder to enjoy all aspects of life. His very presence imbues the idea that “if we just enjoy the little things in life, [life] it becomes bearable.” SF9 is a group that offers everything insight, joy and motivation all at once.

5. Encourages self-love

Fan interview highlights: quotes about SF9 and its influence on daily FANTASY life

SF9’s Twitter

We can be our own biggest critics and are often harder on ourselves than we should be. Many carry this idea that they could be doing better and blame themselves for it. But for FANTASY like HoneyVoice99, they draw a huge amount of power from SF9. The idol group taught her to “take care of myself and love myself for who I am”. We all need to follow a group like SF9 that encourages self-love.

These are just a few quotes from FANTASY about their favorite group SF9. Thanks for sharing your stories with us and the rest of the K-Pop community.

We would love to hear from you! Follow the instructions to share your fan story and tell us about your favorite group(s) and bias.
Fan interview highlights: quotes about SF9 and its influence on daily FANTASY life

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