EXO’s Kai & SF9’s Yoo TaeYang Gush About Each Other Following The Release Of “Rover”

EXO's Kai & SF9's Yoo TaeYang talk about each other after the release of "wanderer"

Kai’s Instagram / Yoo Taeyang’s Instagram

If you want to know about successful fanboys in the K-Pop world, look no further than SF9’s Yoo TaeYang. Known as one of the best dancers in the industry and an all-around idol, Yoo TaeYang has looked up to EXO’s Kai for as long as we can remember. Last year, Yoo TaeYang met his role model, EXO’s Kai, for the first time, although he had had the chance to do so before. However, because he wanted to achieve it by his own courage, he persevered and finally realized his dream.

Kai and Yoo TaeYang’s interaction was celebrated by both artists’ fandoms, who were hoping that a collaboration would follow. Behold, 2023 arrives, and Kai and Yoo TaeYang once again have a wholesome interaction, leaving fans wanting more.

For those unaware, EXO’s Kai recently made his solo comeback with the mini album “Rover”, accompanied by a title song of the same name and a dance challenge to go along with it. Turns out, Yoo TaeYang was one of the first people to accept the dance challenge, which impressed Kai so much that he couldn’t help but leave a comment on his post, suggesting they dance together. Kai also shared it on his own Instagram story, showing his appreciation for the same.

Right after commenting, Kai went to his Bubble to share his feelings with fans. He revealed that it took some courage to leave the comment, but he did anyway because his concept for this comeback is to be confident and free like Rover. However, when Yoo TaeYang responded to his comment with, “Yes! Please contact me whenever“, Kai shared that he finds it difficult to reach out to someone first because he is an introvert. So he simply “liked” his comment.

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Elsewhere, Yoo TaeYang was consulting with his fans to figure out what to do next. Ultimately, after the fans’ suggestion, he DMed Kai first. Soon, another update hit Bubble, where Kai shared how Yoo TaeYang reached out to him first and asked for his number, but he typed and deleted the answer about a hundred times! Finally, after much apprehension, he sent his reply, full of exclamation points and ㅋㅋ (which stands for LOLs). He even expressed how Yoo TaeYang was different from him and cool for getting there first.

In conclusion, we now know that the two K-Pop dancing machines Kai and Yoo TaeYang possibly exchanged numbers, likely with the premise of planning something together judging by Kai’s comment. Now, we can’t wait for a collaboration!

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