EXO’s DO is an overflowing well of talent. He is a comforting vocalist, an outstanding actor, and a prized member of the world-renowned idol group. EXO. All of his skills combined, plus his friendly demeanor, make him an idol that fans are happy to support.

Her skills don’t stop at the stage, but also extend into her personal life, specifically the kitchen. It is well known among fans that DO is an amazing chef, capable of preparing meals of any difficulty. He has showcased his mastery of cooking in vlogs, YouTube content, and even a Discovery Channel Korea show!

After watching some clips and videos of the idol in the kitchen, you might be wondering: how do you cook like EXO’s DO? Luckily for fans, the idol isn’t stingy and shares his culinary knowledge with the world.

Steps to Cook Kimchi Fried Rice – According to what to do

Recently, DO released his own personal kimchi fried rice recipe. He says his choice of meat is pork belly which he cuts into small pieces. The idol then sautés the meat and adds salt during the process. After that, when the meat is almost done, he tells his fans to stir-fry the kimchi and chopped onions next. When done, he adds the rice, along with 1 tbsp oyster sauce, and sauté until messy over medium heat.

After he shared the recipe, fans everywhere flocked to social media. There, they uploaded photos of their own interpretations of DO-inspired fried rice. Some have added extra garnishes like egg, sesame seeds or chives to further enhance the recipe. We can just hear our stomachs grumbling just writing about this easy-to-make delicacy.

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Are you going to try the DO’s version of kimchi fried rice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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