Dating rules are very strict in Korea, and this is for many reasons. There is a common ban on dating for trainees, but some idols cannot date even after many years of activities because their agency forbids it. And as fans, we can only imagine how difficult it can be for our idols not to fall in love and date. But a reality show is allowing some trainees to realize that dream before breaking into their celebrity careers.

Who hasn’t dreamed of watching a dating show made up of wonderful and talented interns? A show that would let celebrities fall in love once before buying into their ultimate goal of becoming stars. Koktv has made all this possible with its new reality show, an ABEMA original show. Are you ready to follow the love lives of future celebrities for a week? Let’s see the details of the show. First, let’s take a look at the Teaser!

Everything you need to know about Koktv's upcoming celebrity show "Romance Before Debut"

Koktv’s Instagram

Koktv has just launched a new celebrity show called “love before debut” (“로맨스는 데뷔전에” in Korean). The first episode aired on February 2nd, and the show is available on Koktv’s official YouTube channel. Ascend as Stars One But before they set out on this larger quest, they have the chance to experience a teenage love that not many celebrities have been offered.

For one week, eight celebrities will be together and have the chance to open their hearts and fall in love. If you are already a fan of Korean dating shows, there is no doubt that this one will entertain you too. Not only will you be able to watch the love grow between the participants, but above all, you will be introduced to these trainees, who may one day be the biggest celebrities in their fields, a perfect match!

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There are many reasons to look forward to this new reality show, will you watch it too? Let us know about it in the comments!

Don’t miss the next episode of “Romance Before Debut” Friday at 5PM KST on Koktv’s YouTube channel!

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