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Spoiler Alert: This article contains footage from the drama.

The BL production rate in Korea is increasing greatly to the satisfaction and enthusiasm of global fans of this themed series. Over the past two years, there has been a steady increase in the amount of BL dramas produced in Korea, as in the first quarter of this year alone, more than 10 BL dramas have been released, currently airing or scheduled to start in April. . A number that perhaps already equals the amount of BL dramas released in the entire year of 2020.

In 2023, the rise in popularity of this genre continues to grow intensely thanks to the quality and interesting dramas released so far. One of them and an instant global favorite is romance drama “our dating sim“. Starring Lee SeungGyu as Shin KiTae and Lee JongHyuk as Lee Wan, the drama tells the story of two young people, who were close friends in high school, but saw their friendship come to an end when one of them confessed his crush on the other. suddenly disappears. 7 years later, they appear in front of each other again, now as employees of the same company. Will their friendship rekindle or will their reunion lead to the beginning of a romance story?

Filled with adorable, funny and touching moments, the drama vividly touched the hearts of BL fans, who found it very wholesome and entertaining. Like the fans, we also enjoy this drama and every now and then we reminisce about various moments that made us smile or just make our hearts flutter thanks to the cute and adorable chemistry of the characters.

Here are some of those moments.

1. “Are you dating someone”

If you run into your longtime crush in the most unsuspecting of places and he asks if you’re dating someone, it’s normal to have a confused reaction. At this moment, while Lee Wan still seems to be understanding his new reality of possibly working alongside his high school crush, Shin KiTae with a cheeky smile asks another question that makes him even more shaken. This moment is just plain cute because Shin KiTae can be said to be trying to verify that Lee Wan is single because he’s so interested in him, although he conveniently goes on to mention that the question was because they were making a dating simulation game. But we all know the truth.

2. “Were you saving that for later?”

The moment when the protagonist snatches that leftover rice crumb from his love interest’s lips has become a heartwarming trope in K-Drama. The cute reaction afterwards always makes what would be seen as an ordinary act of kindness and care turn into a very romantic act. Shin KiTae reaching out to grab the rice crumb from Lee Wan’s lips felt like an impulsive action, but it also showed his level of comfort and ease around Lee Wan despite the awkward tension between them.

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3. “Have you been doing fine without me?”

This moment perhaps serves as a pivotal moment in the two characters’ reconnection. One thing we noticed is how contrasting their personalities are, while Shin KiTae readily expresses his emotions, Lee Wan is a bit wary of his. Heart gushing to say the least, we see the pain clear in Shin KiTae’s words and expressions as he softly lets out the anger and despair he has perhaps held inside for 7 years, all the while working up the courage to make his own confession. .

4. A kiss is worth the wait

That kiss scene felt like the characters were making up for the 7 years of lost time as they accumulated all their affection for each other and expressed it with this romantic action. Perhaps one of the best kissing scenes in BL history, as viewers of the drama, one of the reactions we could all have to this scene is a loud scream or feeling our faces blush thanks to the amazing chemistry displayed by the actors in this moment.

5. A jealous and clingy boyfriend

In these scenes, Shin KiTae lets out his jealous side in the most adorable way and Lee Wan wasn’t the only one smiling at his cute expressions, but we’re sure many viewers did too. And the scenes that followed were extremely cute and cuddly and showed them as a tamed couple who exuded so much warmth and affection for each other.

6. “Wan, I’m scared”

Throughout the series, we’ve seen that Shin KiTae is the one who isn’t afraid to show his emotions and communicate his true feelings to Lee Wan. He wants Lee Wan to understand him and how much he cares about him. In this emotional scene, we could all feel his fear and anguish once again, he fears that Lee Wan will run away again and he will be left alone, endlessly searching for him, when he finally gets the happiness he so longed for. in the last 7 years.

7. “Let’s go home”

The coziness they both create is so endearing and alluring. And we lack words to describe the warmth and comfort that this scene exhibits. It’s a moment we’ve watched relentlessly.

8. “I like you, what’s your answer”

Attempting to re-enact his first confession, Lee Wan takes Shin KiTae back to the roof and once again confesses her feelings for him. And this time, Shin KiTae wasn’t shocked, but ready when they sealed his declaration with a beautiful kiss.

What other moments did you like about this series? Let us know in the comments section.

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