When one thinks of K-Pop bands, DAY6 is one of the first bands that come to mind. A boy band under JYP Entertainment, DAY6 was originally a six-member group, but is now a four-member group, consisting of SungJin, Young K, WonPil, and DoWoon.

DAY6 debuted on September 7, 2015, but their history as a group goes beyond their official beginnings in the K-Pop industry. They initially started in 2013 as a five-member band called 5LIVE, consisting of SungJin, Jae, Young K, Jun Hyeok and WonPil. In 2015, DoWoon joined the band and they were renamed DAY6.

Over the past seven years, they’ve cemented their reputation as a group that younger bands and other K-Pop artists look up to.

Various Korean and Japanese albums and singles

DAY6 has a wide discography consisting of studio albums, mini-albums, compilation albums, and digital singles in both Korean and Japanese. Each release highlighted their pop-rock style.

Korean albums and singles

They debuted with their first mini album, “The Day”, and its iconic title track, “Congratulations”.

Their first comeback was on March 30, 2016 with their second mini album “DAYDREAM”.

DAY6 Journey So Far Since Debut

JYP Entertainment

DAY6 then embarked on a new mission in 2017 with the “Every DAY6” project (read in detail below). The “Every DAY6” project resulted in two studio albums, “SUNRISE” and “MOONRISE”, and ten digital singles.

In early 2018, they made a comeback with ‘Shoot Me’, which was the title song of their third mini-album, “Shoot Me: Youth Part 1”. This was followed by “Remember Us: Youth Part 2” at the end of the same year.

Her digital single, “Beautiful Feeling”, was meanwhile released on September 10, 2018.

“The Book Of Us: Gravity”, the first of four parts of “The Book Of Us” series, was released on July 15, 2019. “The Book Of Us: Entropy” was released on October 22, 2019.” The Book Of Us: Book Of Us: The Demon” was released on May 11, 2020. The final part, “The Book Of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love” was released on April 19, 2021.

DAY6 Journey So Far Since Debut

JYP Entertainment

every day6

In 2017, the band completed the “Every DAY6” project which involved releasing two songs a month for the entire year. As crowded as the project seems, they spent the year busy but fruitful, managing to gift their fans several songs on a monthly basis.

Songs on the “Every DAY6” project ranged from a smooth, melodramatic sound with songs like ‘You Were Beautiful’ and ‘Hi Hello’ to more thunderous and emphatic rock songs like ‘I Wait’ and ‘How Can I Say’. They’ve even produced songs that fall in between this range, with songs like ‘Say Wow’ and ‘My Day’ evoking a sense of joy.

In addition to releasing two songs a month, they met their fans at their monthly concerts where they showcased their new releases and much more.

Japanese albums and singles

DAY6 is also an active group in Japan with one studio album, two compilation albums, and three digital singles (two of which were pre-release digital singles and digital singles).

Her Japanese discography has a distinct sound from her Korean discography. While your Korean songs have a sentimental or happy feel, your Japanese songs are electrifying. Fans have always noted that they would be suitable to be a track for specific animes.

“If ~Mata Aetara~” was initially a pre-release digital single, but was released as a digital single on March 14, 2018. Likewise, “Stop The Rain” was a pre-release digital single, but was released as a digital single. on July 25, 2018.

In September, their pre-release digital single “Breaking Down” was released.

Meanwhile, they released their compilation album, “The Best Day”, in June 2018 and their studio album, “UNLOCK”, in October of that year.

His latest Japanese album “The Best Day2” was released in December 2019.

DAY6 Journey So Far Since Debut

Warner Music Japan

Impressive list of song covers

Since the beginning, they’ve serenaded fans with song covers in all sorts of languages; Korean, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesian. Each cover performance consistently proves that DAY6 are not only capable of playing their own music well, but also do an amazing job of covering other artists’ songs.

DAY6 covered a wide range of songs on live radio, as they did with their performance below of One Republic’s ‘Stop And Stare’. This cover clearly showcases the members’ raw vocals and their own style, as a K-Pop band was able to shine on a western pop-rock song.

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They also participated in shows such as “You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, where they performed “Hey (있잖아)” by Paul Kim. When listening to Paul Kim’s original music, it’s evident that it’s the kind of music that matches DAY6’s melodramatic and heartfelt sound.

Busking and performances at music festivals

In true band style, music festivals and busking have been a key part of DAY6’s live performances.

From 2015 to 2018, DAY6 was on the streets and openly delighted audiences with the charm of the live music band. Each time they played, they never failed to draw people in.

The group also used to perform at “LIVE CLUB DAY”, which is a music festival held on the last Friday of every month in Hongdae.

Completing two world tours

In addition to doing smaller shows and tours in Korea and Asia, DAY6 completed two world tours. The first world tour was the “Youth” tour, which surprised fans in 24 cities in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The tour ran from June 22, 2018 to January 29, 2019.

DAY6 Journey So Far Since Debut

day6 twitter

Their second world tour, “Gravity”, kicked off shortly thereafter from August 9, 2019 to January 31, 2020. They returned to cities across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe with catchy new songs and audiences thrilled with the experience. live band. music.

DAY6 Journey So Far Since Debut

day6 twitter

The world tours provided an opportunity for member Young K to perform in his hometown of Toronto and for former member Jae to perform in his home state of California after working hard in previous years to develop the band’s musical style and establish a solid fan base.

Placement on music charts

Whenever artists come back with new music, monitoring how their songs are charting is a way to gauge audience reactions.

Since their first steps onto the music scene as a band, DAY6 has been making waves both in Korea and abroad. Their debut mini album “The Day” peaked at #2 on the Billboard World Albums Weekly Chart and reached #6 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart.

His debut studio album “Sunrise” peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard World Albums Weekly Chart and No. 4 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart.

Although their albums ranked highly on music charts, their individual songs also performed well.

As soon as “The Book Of Us: Gravity” was released on July 15, 2019, the title song, ‘Time Of Our Life’, was #1 on the Bugs Real Time Chart and the B-Side track, ‘For Me ‘, came in at 5th.

They also had 19 Top 10 Hits on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Weekly Chart. Of those 19 songs, “I Wait”, “You Were Beautiful” and “How Can I Say” reached #3 and “I’m Serious” and “When You Love Someone” reached #5.

Several accolades attached to your name


The end-of-year awards are a way to recognize artists’ hard work and irrefutable talent. DAY6 has received numerous nominations at major award events, including the Seoul Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Asia Artist Awards, Brand Of The Year Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Genie Music Awards, and Melon Music Awards.

From their nominations, they managed to take home awards at the Brand Of The Year Awards, Genie Music Awards and MAMA.

DAY6 Journey So Far Since Debut

MGMA Twitter

music shows

On July 24, 2019, over three years and ten months after their debut, DAY6 earned their first music show win. They won first place on “Show Champion” with their hit, ‘Time Of Our Life’.

DAY6 Journey So Far Since Debut

Show Champion

The next day, they won first place for the second time on “M Countdown”.

The group’s activities are on pause while Young K, WonPil, and DoWoon are serving in the military. Having recently returned from the military, SungJin has been actively hosting his radio show on KBS CoolFM and uploading his solo variety content to YouTube called “Park SungJJIN”.

We can’t wait for Day6 to come back together with more amazing music.

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