For this writer (and perhaps for many readers as well), the “Game Providers X STARSHIP EntertainmentThe episodes can be noted as the first time we saw CRAVITY’s HyeongJun perform with a spotlight fully shining on him. waving in the air, while virtually praising HyeongJun, hoping that he will somehow receive our vibrant energies through the screens, even though it is a program that has already been filmed and aired.

The effect he had on that video had us completely blown away by his talent and charms. And having spent a lot of time exploring a variety of his performance videos, we can rightly state that whenever you watch HyeongJun perform, you just want to match his energy and vigorously cheer him on as he delivers an amazing and noteworthy performance. .

New to him? Here are some of his performances that show just how impressive he really is.

1. ‘Adrenaline’

Perhaps one thing that makes HyeongJun stand out and something that many viewers/fans would find very attractive is the unmistakable joy on his face whenever he performs. Watching many of his performances there are always moments where he smiles, it’s often so quick but you always notice. It’s a feel-good moment, as you can see, not only is he performing incredibly clean and refined movements, but he also feels very happy, relaxed and comfortable on stage as well. Which, in turn, makes you even happier and your performances more enjoyable.

2. ‘Party Rock’

The topic is “Duality” and HyeongJun is at the front of the class, presenting a PowerPoint on how to really incorporate the term on stage. Duality is another part of the many charms that HyeongJun displays on stage. Although that term is pretty standard for many idols, with HyeongJun there is something more striking and unique about him. Regardless of the concept, HyeongJun seems to be able to express herself in different ways that grab his attention. Whether it’s the cute smile or the wink, whether it’s the cheeky smile or the flick of her hair, subtle or bold, these can’t-miss moments add a lot of flair to her performances and make them memorable.

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3. ‘Break all the rules’

As he said, he is not a wi-fi dancer and we totally agree! Fancams give you the opportunity to see how idols behave when not on camera and with HyeongJun, on camera or not, front or back, he always tends to give 110% regardless. This stage performance is simply amazing. His movements are crisp and smooth, while being so powerful and raw. At some point, you feel the intensity he exudes, it’s not overpowering or intimidating, it’s the kind that makes you go.”Oh! so, you’re so good huh?!“with respect and admiration.

4. ‘Flame’

While HyeongJun readily looks like an artist who shines brightly in pop and hip-hop styles, he often looks like he would be amazing in other styles as well. Especially in contemporary dance. The opening sequence of this performance looks like something you would see in a theatrical performance. There is a sense of grace and beauty to his movements that pique your interest, and although the choreography infuses more pop styles as the performance progresses, at various points in the performance he still shows that charm with his movements that makes you take notice. lo and hope he explores contemporary dance style more in the future.

5. ‘Cloud 9’

It’s an explosion of cuteness and a performance that will really take you over the moon. HyeongJun’s facial expressions are always endearing and playful and as we mentioned before, while he always mixes them up, creating a kind of duality with them, on this stage, he chooses to show his natural cute state, and we’re left cooing and awwinging at how adorable he is . Adorable in expressions and not in movement, because while his face may say I’m cute, his movements say, I’m a PERFORMER too, as he presents this choreography with panache and delicacy.

Are you already a fan of HyeongJun? Which of his performances is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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