choi yena is much more than a talented K-Pop idol. She is a genius of variety and a walking ray of sunshine, able to fill anyone with happiness that lasts for days. Even thinking about YeNa will make the corners of her mouth curl in delight. Her bright and vibrant energy is the reason why many decided to become fans of the idol.

Just like any idol, YeNa loves interacting with fans in every possible way. Whether in person or online, she makes time to connect with Jigumi, her fandom, everywhere. She is able to do this through fan meetings and various social media sites.

Last night, while communicating with fans, YeNa came across a sudden situation involving her watch.

Suddenly, his watch got stuck on his wrist and the idol couldn’t get it off. Before jumping to the camera, YeNa sent messages like “Be serious. Don’t laugh”, which prompted much of the fandom to do the complete opposite. In between the laughs, however, fans gave YeNa advice on how to remove the watch.

One fan suggested that the idol should use hand cream to pull it off. After using this method, YeNa’s watch finally went off and she performed her success much to the delight of Jigumi everywhere. Many took to social media to express concern and humor about the idol’s plight. At least now YeNa knows what to do if it happens again!

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Did you catch YeNa’s situation as it was happening live? Let us know in the comments!

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