BLACKPINK’s Lisa Becomes The First K-Pop Idol To Reach 90 Million Followers On Instagram

BLACKPINK's Lisa Becomes First K-Pop Idol to Reach 90 Million Instagram Followers

Lisa’s official Instagram

BLACKPINK are one of the current girl groups leading the Hallyu wave. They gained worldwide recognition for their iconic sound, spectacular live performances and ability to stay on top for so long. While they absolutely shine as a group, each member has also experienced great success as soloists.

Whether it’s singing, acting, or even judging a survival competition show, the members of BLACKPINK haven’t lost a bit of their passion. They still do their best and show that they are worthy of all their accomplishments.

Speaking of accomplishments, Lisa from BLACKPINK won another one on March 13th. Lisa’s official Instagram has surpassed 90 million followers, cementing the singer’s reputation as a “Queen of Instagram”.

BLACKPINK's Lisa Becomes First K-Pop Idol to Reach 90 Million Instagram Followers

Lisa’s official Instagram

What makes this remarkable is the fact that Lisa accomplished this feat in the shortest possible time in Asia. Lisa opened her Instagram account for the first time in 2018, 4 years and 8 months ago. The previous record holder in Asia was Virat Kohliwhich reached 90 million followers on Instagram in a period of 5 years and 6 months.

This achievement just speaks to the successful girl group member’s intense popularity.

Congratulations to Lisa! Hoping many more followers and fans will come!

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