The best indirect interaction fans can get in K-Pop is covers. When one group sings or dances to another group’s music, it’s like two worlds collide! Some groups reproduce the music as the original without any modifications, and others play along with instrumental tracks or other variations to give their own color to the music they perform. In music programs, there are even some special stages dedicated to covers. The YouTube channel It’s Live also allows many groups to do various covers, live of course.

One group that gained popularity for their covers, and especially girl group covers, is none other than ONEWE. The RBW boy band has been praised many times for their great rock arrangements to songs and their great talent for giving songs almost a new version of their own. And since ONEWE is a band, they not only give new colors to the songs with their voices, but also add to the music. its cover because of the use of instruments such as drums and bass. Having these instruments live instead of computer generated ones gives the songs a whole new dimension. So let’s take a look at some of the best covers ONEWE has ever made!

1. ‘Hip’ (Original by MAMAMOO)

Of course, in good juniors, ONEWE covered their dear Sunbaenim’s song! If you already thought MAMAMOO’s version was powerful, wait until you hear ONEWE’s version, with all the instruments and their powerful voice, they took this song to their little planet!

2. ‘Selfish’ (Original by MAMAMOO)

Not just one, but two, and more, ONEWE covered many of their sunbaenim’s songs, but in order not to be on MAMAMOO’s entire cover list, we had to keep these two, because they sure as hell couldn’t be left out! ONEWE really took the exotic vibes of the song seriously and takes you on a journey with their beautiful vocals!

3. ‘Dolphin’ (OH MY GIRL original)

After this song went viral thanks to his special stage on “Inkigayo” with the MCs, many people started covering it, and ONEWE must be in the top 3 covers of this song for sure! This song that used to give off cute vibes suddenly turned into a really cool rock song that you never get tired of!

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4. ‘Happen’ (Original by Heize)

If you’ve heard this song before, get ready to fall into it a second time like it’s a whole new song. YongHoon’s soft, low vocals are perfect for this ballad. Heize is often considered one of the best female solo singers with countless OSTs in her discography, and YongHoon didn’t take this challenge lightly and, as expected, he passed with a 1 out of 10! And let’s not forget about GiWook, who plays a major role in this cover, creating the whole moving instrumental track and adding a super cool rap part to the song.

5. ‘Vinte e Cinco, Vinte e Um’ (Original by JAURIM)

We were talking about OST, have you heard this version of drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” OST? Many fans have mentioned before how YongHoon had the perfect voice to sing OSTs, and he proved it once again by singing an existing OST and of course giving it his own color at the same time.

6. ‘Hype Boy’ (NewJeans Original)

NewJeans has just made their debut in the K-Pop world, but it’s already being covered by their sunbaenims! And GiWook did a great job of turning this girl group pop song into his own rock version. Changing up the instrumental a bit and making the rap parts his own style, he definitely turned this song into something different letting us enjoy a whole new experience.

BONUS. Medley of Cover Highlights:

‘Tomboy’ (Original by (G)I-DLE), ‘Eleven’ (Original by IVE), ‘Next Level’ (Original by aespa), ‘Lovesick Girls’ (Original by BLACKPINK)

Last but not least, here’s a special bonus of many covers compiled into one song, a track signed ONEWE once again. Who could turn all those songs with such different styles into one continuous melody? Well ONEWE did, and they made it look so easy, it just goes to show how much they were made to be artists after all.

If you liked the covers featured in this video, we encourage you to listen to all the covers, you can find them on their official YouTube channel or It’s Live YouTube channel and other music show channels.

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