Acting-dol Of The Week: SF9’s HwiYoung, An Untapped Talent Filled With Endless Possibilities

For many idols, especially from the 3rd generation below, acting eventually becomes a 2nd career. It is well known that sometimes there are many idols, who originally aspired or trained to be actors but first made their debut as idols and eventually gravitate towards acting. And there are simply others who may or may not have had an interest in acting prior to their debut, but with their growing fame and a clear talent for the art form, they eventually go from testing the acting waters to becoming full-fledged acting idols.

However, regardless of how or the reasons why they become actors, many of these idols have proven that they are properly radiating with the right potential to become amazing actors and others have already declared themselves to be some of the best actors working today.

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities

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One of the idols that fall under the former is SF9’s HwiYoung. The SF9 members could very well be considered acting idols, as all of them have starred in dramas, musicals, or both. HwiYoung is one of the members that many would readily associate with acting, as he exudes an actor’s confidence and charm.

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities


He made his debut in the web drama “click on your heart” released in 2016. Playing the supporting role of Kim HwiYoung, the teen drama saw him starring alongside his fellow SF9 members. The drama is one that many viewers would really enjoy watching, it’s fun, short and sweet. The kind that you can watch it on a cold night while munching on snacks or when you need a refreshing burst of energy during the day.

Although HwiYoung played the supporting role in the drama and this served as his debut, there is an air about him and a confidence in which he delivers his lines and expressions that almost makes him look like he’s been acting for a while. He may not have had more screen time lines, but maybe his delivery was good enough and it looks like the experience of acting for the first time was fun for him too.

In 2020, he made a special appearance in the drama “Was It Love?”, as himself. However, we would say that he really got his start as an actor with the web drama “DokGo Bin Is Updating” alongside fellow SF9 member InSeong.

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities

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Now, while this perhaps doesn’t rank as the most captivating storyline that would keep you on the edge of your seats, it’s still a lot of fun. Much like “click on your heart“, It’s a nice kind of drama that you can enjoy without being cast with the great challenge of understanding the different subplots.

In this life drama, HwiYoung plays the character of DokGo Bin, an AI robot in human form who enrolls as a freshman in college. With his handsome looks and kind-hearted nature, he immediately catches the eye of everyone at his school. He forms an unlikely friendship with Ha DoekHo (InSeong), a cute nerd who is often clumsy and lacks confidence. Their story and friendship blossoms beautifully as DokGo Bin helps Ha DeokHo overcome his insecurities and become stronger.

For HwiYoung, the comedy series served as a suitable way for him to showcase his acting skills. While we can’t rate this as a stellar performance from him, considering his skill level, we’d say it was a good enough performance to showcase his potential as an actor. Someone who, given more opportunities, would inevitably grow and shine brightly.

Although this drama is a comedy, there are still moments with emotional depth, and with HwiYoung being the main focus in those moments, it has done an incredible job, digging deep to convey his character’s feelings and allowing its viewers to connect with him as well. . Even though he is an AI who shouldn’t have feelings.

Another factor we’d like to mention is their lovely chemistry with the characters, especially InSeong. Perhaps because of their already solid foundation as members of the same group, but their scenes together often felt more natural and fluid. Their banter was cute and fun to watch too.

We could say that his acting in the drama would also start to give him more opportunities as in the same year, he starred in the teen web drama “The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning” alongside ASTRO’s MoonBin, Chae WonBin, Moon SangMin, and Yoon SeoBin. . Playing the role of Yoon KunEe, a talented swimmer who is seen as cold and stern by others, but in reality, he is a romantic at heart who simply finds it difficult to express himself.

In contrast to DokGo Bin’s role from his previous drama, Yoon KunEe is more reserved and serious. He is to the point and quirky, yet direct and blunt with his words. There’s a complexity he brings to his character, it’s very clear in his facial expressions and also in his actions. He piques your interest in his story and with a good character development arc, he makes you want to understand him even more.

HwiYoung did an amazing job in this drama. As with his previous works, with regard to the dialogues and his chemistry with the other cast, he was certainly not lacking. Even though for most of the series, they seemed like sworn enemies, the tension between him and Choi WooHyuk (moonbin) added the extra layer of emotion that made the drama fun.

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In these 2 dramas, HwiYoung proved that he not only has the popularity to be a regular name and face in dramas, but he also has the skills to put on a good performance as well.

He will continue to show off his growing acting skills by starring in another web drama titled “Replay: The Moment”. Like many web dramas, despite its exciting cast and promotions, “Playback: The Moment” kind of fell short in delivery. The drama had a great and exciting start, but as the story progressed, it kind of lost direction at some point. However, it is still a lighthearted teen drama that captures the emotional journey of teenagers as they pursue their dreams while discovering their affection for one another.

Although there are many interpretations about the acting of the cast, for HwiYoung, there are no mixed reviews, as many could say, his acting was very good. His expressions and delivery weren’t over the top or over the top, they were fluid and he expressed his emotions with a flair that was both interesting and compelling.

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities

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His next drama “Imitation” was a huge success, thanks to the popularity of the cast and their themes, viewers and fans enthusiastically tuned in to watch every week. Looking back now, we believe that a big-budget TV drama like this should have provided HwiYoung with a visible opportunity to fully showcase his impressive acting range. But due to it being a supporting role, he didn’t have many lines or scenes to pull it off.

However, small lines or less scenes doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t make a vivid impression on viewers, as in the few scenes he had in the drama, his expressions always caught viewers’ attention.

In 2022, HwiYoung starred as Min ShiWoo in the long-awaited drama “Miracle”. Starring alongside fellow members Chani and Kang MinAh. Min SiWoo is seen as an obedient and kind-hearted character who initially doesn’t dream of becoming an idol, despite many suggesting that he should. However, after having an accident with her best friend and crush, Lee SooRin (it’s MiNah) which led to her being hospitalized and unable to fulfill her dreams of being an idol, he then decides to become a successful idol and live his dream in another to support her. With its interesting plot and cast, it’s no wonder that the drama was one of the most anticipated in 2022 and with the impressive delivery of the cast, we can rightly say that all fans’ expectations were duly met or perhaps even exceeded.

With HwiYoung, this presented the opportunity for him to fully showcase his range and flexibility as an actor. He conveyed various emotions throughout the drama that made viewers connect with his character’s story. His character, while complex, still had moments where he was lighthearted and easy going. His character development was one of the clear charms of the series and, as an actor, his ability to portray this duality with his character’s emotions and expressions was impressive and commendable.

In HwiYoung’s filmography so far, we can see a common type of character he’s played, whether it’s a teenager, a college student, or an idol. While all these genres are interesting and have helped to highlight his acting and duly given him a broad industry experience, we feel it is a bit limiting and maybe it’s time to step out of these genres. Here are some of the genres or themes we think he would be perfect for.

1. An office romantic comedy drama

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities

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Rom-com dramas are nothing new to HwiYoung, as he has shown his expressive humor and comedic charm in some of his past work. However, an office-themed rom-com is one he hasn’t tried yet and which we think he would do well. Playing a supporting or leading role, a character who is quite expressive, witty and intelligent with a hint of chaos, but obedient and reliable will be a good role for him.

2. A historical drama

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities

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Although HwiYoung mentioned that he wouldn’t necessarily want to star in a historical drama, we just can’t pass up the opportunity to see a sword-wielding horse riding HwiYoung, draped in Hanbok.

3. A suspenseful drama

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities

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In our opinion, there are several roles that HwiYoung could rightly play in this genre, as he has the intensity with his looks and expressions to really connect with his audience in this genre. However, there are 2 types of characters we’d love to see you as A) The antihero, the type who does questionable things in his quest for justice, and B) The villain with a gripping and emotional storyline that makes you both hate. his character, but somehow understand him.

4. A fantasy drama

Performance-dol of the week: SF9's HwiYoung, an untapped talent full of endless possibilities

FNC Entertainment

Imagine HwiYoung as the Grim Reaper?! Surprising! His cool looks and exterior are just the type of character and he has a quirky, witty sense of humor to add some comic relief to his character as well.

Do you believe that HwiYoung has the potential to become a good actor? Let us know in the comments section.

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