K-Dramas provide the perfect serotonin boost, especially with their take on relationships and love. These uplifting stories are the backbone of Kpopmap’s adorable series, The Romantic Choice! Through this series, we’re going to take a look at several swoon-worthy scenes from K-Dramas, music videos, or movies to bring all your romantic cells to life.

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This week’s romantic pick comes from MBC’s catalog of captivating shows, titled “Joseon Advocate: A Morality“. The stars of historical drama Woo Do Hwan It is BoNa from WJSN as its main clues. It follows the story of Kang HanSu (Woo DoHwan), a lawyer who faces all kinds of lawsuits to help the underprivileged and uncover the truth behind his family’s misfortunes. On his journey, he meets Lee YeonJoo/SoWon (BoNa), a princess in disguise. The two end up becoming involved in business and romance.

We’ve scoured all over K-Drama land, watching various episodes and clips, but we can’t get this scene from “Joseon Attorney: A Morality” out of our heads! Now let’s dive right in.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The construction

Kpopmap's Romantic Choice: Woo DoHwan and WJSN's BoNa Make a Promise "Joseon Advocate: A Morality"


Ahead of this week’s romantic choice, the faint whiff of romance lingered in the air between Kang HanSu and SoWon. Although at first this was masked by business and a purely professional relationship. When she learned of his profession and how knowledgeable he was in the law, Sowon approached Kang HanSu and offered to work for him.

However, he was extremely hesitant to hire her. HanSu provided SoWon with a mission that would prevent her from pursuing the matter further. But as the drama progressed, the two made a formidable team, and he finally saw merit in having her around. HanSu gladly accepted SoWon into the team and thus began their partnership. Unbeknownst to the two, the spark of romance has come to life, keeping audiences comfortable, warm, and looking forward to what’s to come.

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The romance

Kang HanSu and SoWon had already faced some lawsuits together, coming out victorious. They built up some chemistry and proved to be much needed pillars of support for each other. This week’s romantic choice comes in episode 6 when HanSu sneaks out in the middle of the night to clean her wound.

SoWon shows up to help him, while also offering words of comfort. When she’s finished, HanSu offers her a cheongsimhwan, or calming pill, to ease her nerves over the day’s events. The two have a light hearted conversation before Sowon proposes an idea: sharing the cheongsimhwan as a sign of promise.

HanSu starts imagining a future with SoWon as his wife, causing viewers to laugh with excitement and joy. Though he snaps back to reality, that scene still remains embedded, fresh in our minds. In the end, our two main characters end up sharing the calming pill. As they bite, SoWon declares her promise to be each other’s cheongsimhwan and always be there for each other. It looks like the butterflies from romance are alive and well, flying everywhere in this heartwarming scene.

the happily ever after

Soon after they make their promise, flower petals begin to fall tenderly around them and you can’t help but feel jolts of romance tingling through your entire body. Being only on episode 6, there’s still a lot of drama ahead. But that act alone shows their commitment to each other and the love story that will eventually happen between the two. This scene has us giddy, hoping for many more heartwarming moments between Kang HanSu and SoWon in the very near future.

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