In the past two years, K-Pop idols starring in BL dramas have become a norm fueling the genre’s global interest and popularity. And for “A Shoulder To Cry On”, perhaps that interest was vividly ignited, as it was revealed that the main protagonists will be two members of the same group, OMEGA X.

After the unfortunate case of mistreatment of the group by their former agency and also the eventual cancellation of their exclusive contract with them, fans were eagerly waiting for some new development, perhaps something that would wash away the dark cloud that came from the many months full of heartbreaking revelations. about a group that many thought had all the support and care as they sought to fulfill their dreams as artists.

From the teasers and trailers, fans’ excitement for the drama grew steadily, as many were not only looking forward to yet another beautiful BL Korean drama, but the chemistry between the two members.

Now that the series is over, here is our simple and honest review of the drama divided into different categories.

1. The plot

The plot was generally concerned with cute-themed drama wrapped with the enemies-to-lovers trope. While it was full of cute, fluffy and often chaotic scenes that made us smile or laugh at the silly banter and scenarios created by the cast, it also featured some deep and emotional scenes that made us feel a strong sense of connection and understanding of the characters. Not only was it based on cute and cute scenes (which is a pass for many BL dramas), but in many ways it also touched on strong, real-life topics like depression, self-discovery, social and family pressures, and love. This effect created a nice balance of emotions throughout the series. Giving the overall plot a kind of depth and making it more wholesome and enjoyable.

2. The dialogue

Dialogue is one of the main parts of every drama, as it carries and tells the whole story. For BL dramas, we often find that the characters’ dialogue or expressions are often somewhat lacking and a little boring (for lack of a better word). This sometimes kills the drama’s pleasure factor, as usually drama can be filled with the best scenes, great production and concept, poor dialogue or character expressions can just confuse people, and even if one can manage to watch until the end, the drama is not so memorable.

For “A shoulder to cry on“, we highly praise the effort of the entire cast, as the dialogue was suitably crisp, intelligent and impressive. Focusing on the main clues, in retrospect, we can rightly assume that many fans would readily give a pass if they were not able to deliver their lines with the level of emotion and talent that the scene or moment demanded, as they were novice actors, with this drama being their debut work, however, they didn’t need that “excuse”, as they delivered an amazing performance. Not that every scene was stellar to perfection, but there didn’t seem to be a moment where both actors’ dialogue was lacking to the point of being immediately noticeable.

3. The chemistry

The chemistry between the two leads was something we all expected, especially since they were members of the same group. Even if we expected a good level of chemistry between the two, we would say that our expectations were duly met and exceeded, as one of the main attractions of the series was the screaming chemistry and tension between the two. From the long glances to the subtle contacts, and even the expressions of emotions, the chemistry between the two protagonists was very evident and magnetic, as in several moments we found ourselves being pulled to our screens trying desperately to be and remain in that intense or adorable moment with they.

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4. No kiss but….

Now, we recognize that the kissing scenes in all dramas are one of the charming points of the series. More often than not, it’s the moment that solidifies the romance and bond between the protagonists. And in the BL genre, kissing scenes are treated with more importance (and scrutiny) by fans than they are in non-BL dramas. For “A Shoulder To Cry On”, fans were looking forward to the kiss scene between the two characters, mainly because they were members of the same group and it seemed like it would be a fantastic idea (though also funny too). ) for them to have that romantic moment. That moment wasn’t to come from start to finish, however, and many fans were suitably disappointed.

An Honest Korean BL Drama Review "A shoulder to cry on"

picturesque kcon

Not that the plot did not create scenarios for this moment to happen, as there were many moments within the drama that alluded to a kissing scene, however, it was uncomfortable with teasing and cute flirting. Now normally we would see this as something of a negative point of any drama, however while we still have a small feeling of disappointment at this fact, we believe that the no-kiss scene did not affect the story or the clear connection between the main drivers. From start to finish, the romantic connection between them was clear as day and the tension itself was already drawn and intoxicating. A kissing scene, however, as cute and cool as it was, wasn’t necessarily necessary to make the story better. In other words, it would have been “nice to have” but definitely not a “need to have”.

5. The production

An Honest Korean BL Drama Review "A shoulder to cry on"

picturesque kcon

The whole production of the drama is another aspect that we have to bring up and also applaud as it deserves. From the settings to the OSTs, cinematography, different timings of shots and perfectly timed editing, the production team did an amazing job and deserves a nod too.

Overall, this drama didn’t lack for anything as it gave many what we expected and even surpassed it too. We’re not Rotten Tomatoes, but we’d rate it a solid 8.5/10 while selfishly keeping that 1.5 mark because of the minor disappointment we’re sure many feel with the no-kiss scene. Huge congratulations to YeChan and JaeHan for their incredible work and display of acting skills. We see the actor tag being used to describe them in the future.

A shoulder to cry on” builds momentum not only for YeChan and JaeHan, but OMEGA X as a whole, the success of the drama could very well serve as the catalyst that pushes them back into the spotlight and brings more opportunities, be it music or acting, for the group and its members.

Did you watch the drama? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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