NCT is a K-Pop group known for having some of the best collective vocals (especially live vocals) in K-Pop. All members have unique vocal tones that ignite their fans’ hearts with their distinct warmth. Aside from their own music, the members are also some of the most sought-after idols when it comes to K-Drama OSTs. So, we needed a moment to appreciate some of the NCT members’ best K-Drama OSTs yet.

Here is a list of some K-Drama OSTs by NCT ​​members that we really liked so far.

Observation: This list is not a ranking. It’s not in any specific order.

This is the kind of OST that makes K-Drama lovers stop whatever they’re doing on Shazam or seek him out. Just like the drama, it embodies youth and TaeIl’s vocal tone fills the song with a romantic feeling that is difficult to imitate. Not only does it show off her perfect vocal technique, but it also melts the ears and heart.

DoYoung’s superior storytelling skills really shine through in this OST. Not only does he tell the story as he sings, but he also makes you feel like you’re the main character in it. His melodic vocals transport you to another world that’s bittersweet (like the song), but the honeyed tone of her vocals is ever-present.

3. NCT U (JaeHyun & TaeIl) – ‘New Dream’ for “Dokgo Rewind”

This is the kind of OST that plays in your headphones as you walk with your shoulders a little taller as you go through the ins and outs of life. It’s a badass track with powerful upbeat vocals from JaeHyun and TaeIl. Her vocals also create perfect harmonies throughout the song.

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4. NCT’s TaeIl – ‘Lovey Dovey’ for “Love to Hate You”

TaeIl’s ‘Lovey Dovey’ OST is the kind of upbeat song you listen to while driving on a road trip, surrounded by sunny scenery, with the windows down and the wind in your hair. The song sounds like a dose of happiness and highlights the eternal warmth that TaeIl’s voice is famous for.

5. NCT’s DoYoung – ‘Like a Star’ for “Yumi’s Cells”

DoYoung’s dreamy vocals really stand out on this OST. Not only does her vocals embody the desire in the song, but her talent for making emotions rise with her skillful singing heightens the melancholy feeling this OST inspires.

6. NCT U (DoYoung & Mark) – ‘Baby Only You’ for “The Tale of Nokdu”

DoYoung and Mark created a happy teenage sound with this OST. It’s the perfect head-bobbing song when you need to lift your spirits. DoYoung’s sweet vocals and Mark’s groovy rapping also create the perfect musical balance.

7. NCT’s HaeChan – ‘Good Person’ to “Friends”

HaeChan’s OST was filled with a warmth that feels like sitting in front of a cozy fireplace on a cold winter day. Fans especially loved this OST as it was his first and it meant a lot to hear him solo. We hope to hear another one soon!

The blend of Punch’s harmonious melodies and TaeYong’s rhythmic rapping are perfect for the heart-pounding feeling this OST track offers. Its storytelling and flow truly make the music the highlight of your day.

Which NCT member’s OST is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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