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Children can be the source of absolute happiness in just about any situation. His adorable mannerisms and blunt honesty can bring a smile to anyone’s face, leaving behind a happiness that can last for days. The energy that children give is unparalleled and a source of joy for many, even K-Pop idols.

Our favorite idols with children are often the most adorable sight ever. There are many videos and shows of group members caring for young children, forming a sweet bond that lasts forever. For some idols, their parental instincts come naturally, showing their huge potential to become excellent parents in the future. The aura around them changes and these idols become mature and responsible adults, ready to take on the huge task of raising children.

While the list of idols with potential to become great fathers is huge, we’ve narrowed it down a bit. So, here are 7 male K-Pop idols who would make excellent fathers.

Minho is extremely charismatic, hardworking and a veteran artist. Apparently, in addition to all these amazing qualities, he’s also really good with kids! There have been countless clips of Minho’s gentle and caring nature that prove he would make a great father. While there’s no telling when the senior idol will start his own family, he can show off his fatherly charms as “Uncle” Minho for now.

To fans, Kai is an international star who looks incredibly cool on stage. But in front of his family, he makes a fool of himself for his nephew and niece. He is so reliable that his sister is able to confidently leave them in his care. Kai feeds his nephew and niece well, keeps them entertained, and takes their honest observations in style. Kai would definitely make an amazing father in the future.

All of LeeDo’s interactions with the kids are adorable with a hint of confidence. The idol has a degree in early childhood education, which makes him more than prepared to deal with a group of children. Compared to others, it may be easier for LeeDo to understand young children, giving him the ability to care for them on a personal and academic level. We are sure that with this degree and his endless kindness, LeeDo will be an excellent father in the future.

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Even in a prank video, we can see that SeongHwa would make a great father. He doesn’t panic when faced with a lost child and talks to him calmly to calm him down. He helps her feel a sense of security and comfort. Having such a kind and comforting father like Seong Hwa would make any child feel at ease at all times of the day.

The idol may look chic and cold, but he has a heart of gold that radiates warmth. If viewers can see it, kids can feel it. The way EunWoo’s face lights up when he’s around kids sends a shot of serotonin straight to his heart. You can’t help but smile at his great potential to become an amazing parent.

Fair warning: seeing KiHyun with kids will provide you with cuteness overload. There’s no other way to explain it. Just the simple act of the idol carrying a child will have you grinning from ear to ear. Kihyun has a full resume of videos of him interacting with children, acting as proof of what a good parent he will eventually become.

It’s no military secret that BTS’s V turns into a spurting pile in the presence of children. A wide smile automatically stretches across his face when he comes into contact with a child, no matter the location. The way he interacts with the kids could convince anyone that the global star will make a great dad. We definitely need more V playing with kids content in our lives.

Which idol do you think would make an amazing father? Let us know in the comments!

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