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It’s well known that K-Pop idols spend countless hours honing their skills in the practice room. Since their goal is to get on stage, they work to become the best performer they can be. Although they spend a lot of time as idols, that doesn’t stop them from learning other skills and hobbies like painting, photography and cooking.

Some idols are actually known for being the chefs of the group, creating mouth-watering meals for the rest of their members. They have been recognized far and wide and even fans know of their successful culinary experiences. In another life, we’re pretty sure these idols could be a head chef at a restaurant if they wanted to.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these idol chefs below.

TaeYong is multitalented, able to sing, dance and rap, as well as being the leader of NCT. But his talents don’t end in the practice room, because he’s known to be an amazing cook. His skills have been recognized by other singers who are sincere in their praise. We would definitely be repeat customers of Chef TaeYong’s kitchen!

With his family owning a steakhouse, it seems only natural that Song knows how to cook. Due to his proficiency in the kitchen, the iconic idol has rightly earned the nickname ‘Song Chef’. He even has a YouTube channel called ‘SONGCHELIN GUIDE’ where he shares various recipes and how to cook them with fans all over the world. Although he hasn’t posted new content in a while, his videos are still a joy to watch!

When Lee Know is onstage, he is as charismatic as he looks, wooing fans the world over with his seductive dance lines and good looks. That charisma continues from the stage to the kitchen. Lee Know’s cooking skills are well known among STAY as he often posts photos and Vlog content. Some are not easy dishes by any means and many can see potential in him as a star chef. Partner Felix said it best: “Cooking like a chef, I’m a 5 Michelin star”. Lee Know definitely deserves all the Michelin stars.

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Leader, variety genius and talented cook. Apparently, Leeteuk is a master of every skill imaginable. The veteran idol has produced content on YouTube where he invites guests and prepares a meal for them. His culinary expertise doesn’t stop there, as he has also published a cookbook complete with simple recipes that you can try in the comfort of your own home. Everyone can learn to cook like Leeteuk quickly!

From Vlogs, variety shows and various YouTube content, Kihyun has shown that he is not just a talented singer. The idol is also proficient in the kitchen, able to wield a slicing knife with poise and skill. Although he is skilled, when his members join him, things can become quite chaotic. It might be a hectic time for Chef KiHyun, but it’s fun for all MONBEBE to watch.

Many fans, and even ENHIPEN themselves, know that Jay is the most trusted member of the kitchen. He is the group’s designated chef and is often mentioned by its members for cooking delicious meals. He has a background in the kitchen and has even shared his cooking philosophy on Weverse Magazine. We would definitely trust Chef Jay in our kitchen!

Many of MinChan’s cooking videos can be found on her group’s official Twitter! There, he shared several informative clips on how to cook certain dishes, showing the process from start to finish. You can tell by his knife skills that he knows how to cook. We would definitely be regulars at MinChan’s Diner!

Do you know any other K-Pop idols who excel in cooking? Let us know in the comments.

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