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From time to time, we receive some content that captures the fun activities that many of our favorite K-Pop idols and stars do. Although it is a simple or normal activity, whenever they are performed by these stars, it often creates an overwhelming wave of emotion and the absolute desire to participate with them in this pastime.

One of those activities is going to the beach. The beach is considered one of the best places to hang out with friends, family and loved ones. With the lapping of the waves, the refreshing wind from the ocean, the warmth of the sun and the construction of sand castles or towers, the beach is undoubtedly a fun place to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

K-Pop idols are no strangers to the beach either, as many have shared various content from their relaxing time there. The happy glow on their faces, their fun activities and the warmth they exude make this pastime even healthier and make us want to join them on their next trip.

Here are some of the male idols we’d love to go to the beach with and we’re sure fans would too.

Any activity with WonHo is sure to be fun and memorable as he is a playful bunny who would be jumping up and down excitedly every chance he gets. An action that will undoubtedly make you smile and radiate love for him. However, we can say that the beach is perhaps one of the best places that everyone would like to go to. Armed with a basket of homemade goodies, a bag full of games, sunscreen and everything in between, with his charming actions and silly antics, WonHo will undoubtedly make this experience fun, healthy and special.

Having watched many of his vlogs, it’s safe to say that TaeYong is a free spirit who treats every activity he embarks on as an adventure. Your curiosity and interest in life is quite refreshing and exciting. A day at the beach with him will be a mix of relaxation and learning, armed with his camera, don’t be surprised if half the time you find yourself exploring every inch of the beach and making the cutest discoveries with him, all the while turning pink and shy with his thoughtful and charismatic actions.

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Now, we know that wherever everyone’s favorite leader is going, we’ll all be happy to tag along because we’re guaranteed to have the time of our lives. However, there’s something about JinJin Beach that feels transcendent, happy, and with a hint of chaos as well. We can pretty much imagine him making faces and comments about the weirdest things we’ll see at the beach, all the while trying to subtly look out for you and make sure you have as much fun as he does. Because that’s how gentlemen do it.

Going to the beach seems to be one of Jay’s favorite activities and from the content he’s shared, he always seems to have a great time there, igniting our desire to join him on his next trip, just to experience the same level of joy and relaxation. he does. Sunshine, a cooler full of delicious snacks, the gentle ocean breeze, and most importantly, Jay by your side, what could be more perfect?

ChangBin’s personality is perhaps what makes him very attractive. He presents a cool and strong aura that is not overpowering but somewhat comforting and safe, and within that, he is also thoughtful, thoughtful, and very sentimental. A day at the beach with him will certainly deserve a record in your agenda or diary, as it will undoubtedly be a day full of outstanding activities, those that when you remember, your immediate reaction is a smile.

Lee WonJun’s cheerful and positive attitude makes him the perfect companion for any kind of activity, especially outdoors. His every action is super cute and always gets a smile from fans. Vibrant and energetic, just bring a case of energy drinks as you’ll definitely need help keeping up.

Judging by most of his content that captures his interaction with his other members, it’s fair to say that Zero has a very cool and cool aura that is also welcoming. He is free-spirited, often bubbly and witty as well. A beach day with him would definitely be relaxing as we are sure he will do everything he can to make the experience exciting and noteworthy.

Which of these idols would you most like to go to the beach with?

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