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7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars

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Football, or otherwise known as football, is loved all over the world. It has deep roots in Korean culture, as many K-Pop idols were introduced to the sport at a very young age. Countless singers spend their downtime watching professional matches or playing in their own leagues. Fans even hear their prejudices talk about their favorite teams and players.

Then there are some idols who love the sport of football and absolutely excel in it. They amaze many with their sophisticated footwork and agile maneuvers. You can tell they put a considerable amount of effort into the game, practically as much time as they spent training to become an idol. There are even a handful that could have gone pro.

Check out which K-Pop idols could have been soccer superstars in another timeline.

    7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars

Leo’s Instagram

During his childhood, Leo was part of the South Korea National Youth Soccer Team in 2003. While he changed his ways and went down the path of becoming an idol, he is still praised as one of the best soccer players in the entertainment industry. . He has publicly displayed his skills over the years on MBC’s “Idol Star Athletic Championship“as well as JTBC’s”Let’s play football“. In another life, we are sure that Leo is a football star.

    7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars

Yuta’s Instagram

Yuta is extremely charismatic on stage and has an aura to stand out during any performance. However, before treading the path of becoming a singer, NCT member was passionate about football. He started playing the sport in preschool and continued through his senior year of high school. He has shown incredible handling of the ball on several variety shows, earning numerous accolades and recognition for his skills. Luckily for the fans, he walked off the football field and onto the music stage.

    7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars

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WOODZ is a well-rounded artist and has gained recognition for his musicianship. But before becoming a singer, he had a huge love for football. When he was younger, the singer moved to Brazil and joined the youth football club of the well-known Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. While he pursued his pursuit of music, WOODZ was invited a few times to JTBC’s “Let’s Play Soccer” to showcase his impressive skills. WOODZ is truly the definition of all-rounder, in music and sports.

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    7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars

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DuJoon is famous among 2nd generation idols for his impressive soccer skills. He has an immense love and passion for the game that is evident every time he plays or talks about it. In 2014, the idol was named an honorary ambassador for the K-League of the Korean Professional Football Association. You can’t talk about football idols and not mention DuJoon.

    7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars

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When you think of idol soccer players, Kim Jae Hwan might not be first on your list. However, the idol once revealed his deep history with the sport and that he was trained by a coach from Brazil. He also shared that when he competed in a district soccer competition, his team won it all, and in the end, JaeHwan received the best player award. Although he had the promise of becoming a football superstar, we are more than happy that he is now a beloved singer.

    7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars

RoWoon’s Instagram

RoWoon is an amazing actor and idol, impressing everyone with his endless talents and abilities. Although in another life, the idol singer might have added a football athlete to the list. When he was younger, RoWoon loved the sport. He has been playing since the third grade and even participated in the National Soccer Competition in Chuncheon. While RoWoon as an athlete was cool, we’re glad he traded in his cleats for a mic and script.

    7 K-Pop idols who could have been soccer stars


Minho has made a name for himself as one of the most competitive idols in the entertainment industry. That passion could very well have driven him to become a professional athlete. He himself said that he once dreamed of becoming a professional football player. But that dream was quickly erased by his father, a renowned soccer coach. Despite not turning pro, Minho consistently showcases his athleticism on various programs.

Could you imagine these idols as professional soccer athletes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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