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K-Pop idols not only need to perform well on stage, but they also need to look good while doing so. That’s where the stylists come in, dressing our favorite idol groups in trendy, trendy outfits to enhance their already breathtaking looks. And sometimes, they look so good in a certain outfit or hairstyle that they become absolutely iconic.

This is exactly what happened to some idols who wore the hime cut. The hime cut, also known as the princess cut, is a fashionable Japanese hairstyle defined by long, blunt hair in the back, usually cheek-length. This particular hairstyle has come and gone over the years, but wearers have always become a hot topic when they go public with their new haircut.

Now, let’s take a look at some female idols who look absolutely stunning in the hime cut!

    7 Female K-Pop Idols Who Look Stunning in the Hime Cut

TWICE’s official Instagram

When TWICE’s Momo first appeared with this hairstyle, fans everywhere went crazy with excitement. Many have praised on social media sites that she has pulled off this style flawlessly, as if she was destined to have it. We can’t even deny how amazing Momo looks in this iconic look.

    7 Female K-Pop Idols Who Look Stunning in the Hime Cut

SM Entertainment

The Red Velvet leader already exuded an aura that screamed royalty. Although, when she came out with the hime cut, that energy was multiplied by ten and fans couldn’t stop talking about it! We knew that Irene had an overflowing elegance, but combined with the hime cut, there is no end!

    7 Female K-Pop Idols Who Look Stunning in the Hime Cut

Cube Entertainment

Main vocalist, jaw-dropping visuals, and sometimes part-time comedian – MiYeon is a multi-talented queen. It seems fitting that she has tried the hime cut at least once in her career. The hime cut style accentuated her face shape and took her looks to the next level. We must warn you: one look and you might fall in love with the talented vocalist.

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    7 Female K-Pop Idols Who Look Stunning in the Hime Cut

NewJeans official Instagram

While many idols who wear the hime cut exude regal elegance, HaeRin’s cuteness is enhanced and overflows from head to toe. And using that innate cuteness isn’t a bad thing. She rocks the hairstyle in his own way, proving that the trend is timeless and can be worn at any age.

    7 Female K-Pop Idols Who Look Stunning in the Hime Cut

WM Entertainment

Rappers are known for being trendy and trendy, but the word ‘princess’ is not usually associated with them, even for female rappers! However, Mimi from OH MY GIRL says differently. With the hime cut, she maintains a rapper’s style while displaying enhanced beauty. Many netizens commented on how natural Mimi looked with the hairstyle, as if she was born to wear it!

    7 Female K-Pop Idols Who Look Stunning in the Hime Cut

Gyuri’s official Instagram

When KARA made their comeback for their 15th anniversary, many were speechless upon seeing Gyuri in a hime cut. Although she comes from the second generation of K-Pop idols, she shows that her looks are timeless and that she can still pull off anything. There’s a reason why one of her nicknames is “Goddess”, a title that remains true to this day.

    7 Female K-Pop Idols Who Look Stunning in the Hime Cut


As if she wasn’t gorgeous enough, Suzy further enhanced her looks after donning the elegant hime cut. No matter how she styles it, she gives off complete princess vibes that radiate from head to toe. With looks like this, it’s understandable why she was given the title of “Nation’s First Love”.

Which idol do you think looks best in the hime cut? Let us know in the comments!

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