2023 is proving to be another amazing year for K-Pop. With the influx of new talent from survival shows, highly anticipated returns and tour announcements, there’s something to suit every fan’s taste. And as always, fans and non-fans alike are watching. BTS as they currently focus on various solo ventures.

Recently, much to the delight of ARMYs everywhere, it was announced that Suga from BTS would be embarking on a world tour. Whether he’s on stage as Suga or under his other alias, Agust D, fans have no doubt that his tour will be one they don’t want to miss. Now that the dates have been revealed, it’s just a matter of waiting for tickets to become available for purchase.

In addition to waiting, fans all over the world must also be doing a million different things to prepare for the show. One of those things might be listening to his many solo tracks. And if you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help!

To prepare for his world tour, here are 7 solo tracks by Suga from BTS that you should definitely add to your playlist!

1. ‘August D’

The BTS rapper released his first mixtape via Soundcloud in 2016. With the mixtape came this intense and heavy track as a kind of introduction to Suga’s other alias, Agust D. There is a notable difference between his two identities as ‘Agust D’ is blunt and raw, something you wouldn’t expect from an idol member. However, it really showcases his talent as a rapper and ability to seamlessly switch between his two personas.

2. ‘Interlude: Shadow’

While Suga is widely known for his intense rapping skills, this song gives fans a taste of his beloved vocals. This solo track focuses on the theme of rising to the top and the consequences of success. The song portrays that the life of a superstar is not all glitz and glamour, but also has its fair share of loneliness and darkness. ‘Interlude: Shadow’ is a powerful track with thought-provoking lyrics. One listen and you won’t be able to stop hitting the repeat button over and over again.

3. ‘Curiosities for: Seesaw’

Like many artists, Suga loves to add symbolism to his lyrics to provide more depth. Through this song, the BTS rapper likens a complicated relationship to a teetering seesaw that no one wants to get off. The 2018 track may have an upbeat melody and dance-inducing vibe, but its lyrics pierce your soul. The duality that this song contains is remarkable and deserves all praise.

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4 people’

‘People’ comes from Suga’s second mixtape titled “D-2”. The introspective track talks about the different people we meet in life, as well as asking the age-old question, “Who am I?” It really delves into the human condition and makes the listener reflect on various aspects of life. It’s a multi-layered track that not only makes for a good listen, but tugs at your heartstrings from the very first verse.

5. ‘The Last’

Even if you’re a casual BTS follower, you’ll know that the idol group often talks about mental health-related topics. It makes sense, then, that Suga would do the same in his solo tracks. Through ‘The Last’, the talented rapper addresses the burden of anxiety and depression. Suga also spoke about his journey with mental health, making this song even more touching and impactful.

6. ‘First Love’

‘First Love’ is something of a love song, but not one many might be used to. Instead of a person, Suga remembers an old piano from his childhood. It’s a soulful, slow-paced rap track that highlights his passion for music. He talks about how music gave him strength even when he was at his lowest. The power of music cannot be underestimated and one that many, including Suga, hold close to their hearts.

7. ‘Daechwita’

‘Daechwita’ is unique in that it employs traditional Korean instruments at the center of its modern beat. The hook is incredibly addictive and you might find yourself repeating the word “daechwita” for hours on end. Even non-hip hop enthusiasts won’t be able to deny how amazing ‘Daechwita’ sounds and stands as a testament to Suga’s musicianship.

What song are you listening to in preparation for Suga’s world tour? Let us know in the comments!

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