If you’re an avid watcher of historical K-Dramas, you’ve come across traditional monarchies and hanbok. While there is a big difference between life then and now, there are some things that are absolutely timeless. Of these things are love, the desire to move on and the look.

We can’t deny that one of the main reasons we start watching a historical drama is because of an actor’s jaw-dropping visuals. And of the many roles they could play, some end up as nobles – in this case, the Crown Prince. If looks were all it took to rule a kingdom, these princes would pass with flying colors! But don’t just take our word for it!

Let’s meet some of these swoon-worthy crown princes from historical K-Dramas.

1. Park BoGum as Crown Prince HyoMyeong

    6 Swoon-Worthy Crown Princes From Historical K-Dramas


Love in the Moonlight” is an iconic drama that has touched the hearts of thousands throughout its run. Park BoGum was perfect as the kind and funny crown prince, bringing a smile to viewers whenever he appeared on screen. He definitely made his mark as a nobility and remains imprinted in the hearts of many to this day.

2. Shin SeungHo as Crown Prince Go Won

    6 Swoon-Worthy Crown Princes From Historical K-Dramas


tvN drama”alchemy of souls” took the world by storm with two parts, climaxing earlier this year in 2023. From the characters to the plot, everything was memorable and kept us glued to our seats. And one character we can’t forget is the haughty but lovable Crown Prince Go Won. Though he started out prickly and aloof, his undeniable warmth slowly unfurled as the drama continued. We’re just saying he could be the star of a hilarious comedy while also serving up dashing looks.

Note: “Alchemy of Souls” is set in the fictional land of Daeho and is more in line with the fantasy genre than the historical one.

    6 Swoon-Worthy Crown Princes From Historical K-Dramas


Lee JunHo did a magnificent job portraying Crown Prince LeeSan. He was incredibly charismatic, a caring ruler, and a bit of a romantic. However, we have to warn you: “the red sleeve” isn’t your typical love story. It’s a drama filled with aching longing as Crown Prince LeeSan and Seong DeokIm (played by Lee Se Young) navigate their relationship. After starting the drama, be ready to fall in love with the crown prince’s lustful gazes.

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    6 Swoon-Worthy Crown Princes From Historical K-Dramas


So, Moon SangMin may not have started out as the crown prince, but he became one at the end of “Under the Queen’s Umbrella“. At first, he may seem cold and withdrawn, but we slowly discover that he has the biggest heart and a soft spot for his family. As the Crown Prince, he quickly learns the importance of his position and how he can protect his loved ones. Now, who wouldn’t want Crown Prince SungNam to be family-oriented?

5. EXO’s DO as Crown Prince Lee Yool

    6 Swoon-Worthy Crown Princes From Historical K-Dramas


Crown Prince Lee Yool may be based on fiction, but that doesn’t take away from his endless charms that radiate brightly throughout.”100 Days My Prince“. He’s innocent, kind and loyal, remaining true to his childhood crush after so long. You can’t help but feel a swarm of butterflies starting to flutter inside your chest as your love story with HongSim (played by Nam Jihyun) unfolds.

6. Park HyungSik as Crown Prince Lee Hwan

    6 Swoon-Worthy Crown Princes From Historical K-Dramas


“Our Blooming Youth” is a K-Drama currently airing with only 6 episodes under its belt. But Park HyungSik is already turning heads as the crown prince of the series. His character can appear cold and suspicious, but he has been shown to have a rather soft side. Your sweet gestures towards Min JaeI (played by Jeon Seo Nee) melt your heart and you can’t help but smile in awe. “Our Blooming Youth” is still many weeks away, so it will be exciting to see Crown Prince Lee Hwan’s evolution.

Do you have a favorite K-Drama crown prince? Let us know in the comments!

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