Table it’s the kind of artist who is the bias of your bias. The influence he had on the music industry, not just as a soloist but as a member of epik high cannot be underestimated. He is a model loved by many including global superstar Suga from BTS. Despite his numerous accomplishments in the field of music, Tablo still manages to remain humble and down to earth.

In addition to his music, Tablo is known for many other things, including his wonderful family, variety show appearances, and memorable quotes. He has always proven to be a well of wisdom, producing uplifting words for any situation. Many of the things the rapper said can be taken to heart and help in the toughest of times.

Take a look at some of Tablo’s heartfelt and motivational quotes below.

1. Dealing with Emotions

Part of the human condition is to be emotional – it’s simply ingrained in our DNA. It can be difficult not to offer an emotional response to something we care deeply about. But he offers sensible words of wisdom on “being emotional doesn’t really solve the problem.” The cons of an emotion-driven response are sometimes too great. It is often best to face a problem by being cool, calm, and in control.

2. Take the road less traveled

It can be daunting to try something new or accept a challenge, even if it’s beneficial for us. It’s much easier to fall back on our old routines that have proven to work in order to maintain a level of security and comfort. But here, Tablo reminds us to take risks and venture into uncharted territory. It’s in these unknown places that we can find what we’ve always been looking for and grow even more as a person.

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3. Tell your story

    6 motivational quotes from genius rapper Tablo Of Epik High

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Tablo went through a tremendous amount of hardship that resulted in a lifetime of trauma and pain. He could just refuse to talk about the past and keep all the bad memories locked away forever. But he continues to share his experiences and says in an interview with Rolling Stone “what I’m not going to do is be afraid to tell my own story”. Tablo has always spoken about sharing her story to offer help and comfort to those in need. These words serve as a reminder that we all have a story to tell that could very well change someone’s life.

4. Know what’s important

    6 motivational quotes from genius rapper Tablo Of Epik High


At the end of an interview with Complex, Tablo was asked to offer some words of wisdom. He came out with this: “I think it’s really important to know what’s important and what’s not.” He reminds us to really take the time to think about the things other people say and recognize what really carries weight. So if it’s not applicable to you as a person, it’s okay to ignore it.

5. Finding Your Passion

Passion can often be romanticized as something that magically appears right in front of us. But Tablo says that is not the case. Upon discovering his passion, he tells us to “look at the things you already like” and “try to look for what you like about them.” Once you discover that, a passion can be born out of that realization. There are many steps involved in pursuing our dreams and discovering our passion is the first step.

6. Be kind to yourself

We can be our own biggest critics and hold ourselves to unbelievably high standards. But Tablo gives us tips on how to be kinder to ourselves. The rapper tells us to get to know each other better and who we really are. Then make an effort to accept everything about ourselves, including our flaws. If we are able to do this daily, being kind to ourselves will be a much more doable task.

What is your favorite word of wisdom from Tablo? Let us know in the comments!

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