6 Male K-Pop Maknaes We'd Like To Be, Thanks To Their Hyungs' Love

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A group’s maknae position is perhaps one of the most recognizable among global fans, as even without looking it up, it’s pretty easy to spot a group’s maknae, thanks to their visuals or just noticing the member everyone else is dotting. love and attention. While the former may not be the exact reveal as there are many idols who, despite their cute appearances, are actually in the hyung line of their groups, the latter however in many scenarios actually tells who a group’s maknae is. .

For male idol groups, the group’s maknae is always the one at the end of every prank and joke, and always gets the most love and attention from the members even if he doesn’t want to. There is no hiding the love and admiration the members have for him and this display of affection always makes the group even more attractive and lovable.

While it is noteworthy that many hyungs have a healthy interaction and relationship with their maknaes, here are some of the maknaes we feel have the best dynamics with their hyungs, making us often wish we were in their shoes.

Now, SEVENTEEN may easily be the most synchronized unit in K-Pop today, but that synchronicity doesn’t just end with their incredible stage performances, but with the level of chaos and affection each member brings when it comes to their maknae Dino. After watching a ton of his content and judging by his interactions with him, we’d say that the dynamic Dino has with his members is not only wholesome, but downright fun. Some days it’s him getting dazzling ass slaps and sassy comments, and other days it’s the warmest words of comfort and safety from a group of 12 men who want to protect and spoil him. With every interaction, chaotic or exciting, there’s no doubt that Dino is well liked by his hyungs.

It’s all about the look of love he gets from his hyungs! JongHo can be doing the simplest action or having any kind of facial expression and you’ll just see 7 eyes in love, looking at him with so much love and amazement. Maybe because for him the simple things are what we all call extraordinary, that’s why his every action evokes an impressive reaction or maybe it’s just the feeling of pride and affection his hyungs feel for him, anyway, JongHo in a room surrounded by your hyungs will always create the most emotional moments you’ve ever witnessed.

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It’s all about respect. Respect duly earned. There is a sheer level of admiration that pervades the members of MONSTA X towards IM that is so amazing and inspiring too. The world stops when IM is talking or doing anything, as all eyes are on him, listening to his every word as if it were gospel. With eyes full of love, you can easily tell how proud and grateful they are of him. And when he acts cute, a big-eyed cat can take a backseat, as you’ll hear and see all of his limbs cooing non-stop to his adorable nature.

It’s Tom and Jerry, but in this series, there’s only 1 Tom, 7 Jerrys, and a jaded dad who just takes care of them. The chaotic banter between SeHun and his hyungs is perhaps the funniest thing that deserves its own Netflix series. Perhaps due to the great dynamic and relationship the members have with each other, SeHun’s interaction with the rest of the members doesn’t necessarily look like the typical hyung and maknae relationship, as they often act like age mates. From silly pranks to cheeky comments, it’s clear that it’s always a fun time at EXO’s house and SeHun is always in the middle of it.

If dog love needed a visual representation, it would be the display of affection between IN and his hyungs. Cute, adorable and sweet, we might not be wrong to say that one of the reasons why IN smiles from ear to ear is because of the endless affection she receives every day from her hyungs. Not without their chaotic moments too, as fans watching their interactions, we could rightly say that IN is the most maknae in K-Pop today, thanks to the love of his hyungs.

Around his hyungs, Xion is a baby and we’re not just talking about his cute looks but how soft and mischievous he is with them. From his sassy comments to his naughty actions, with most of the content Xion appears in, if he does even the smallest adorable thing, you can immediately hear the instant cooing reaction from his other members. And when he’s not being dotted with love, he still gets their full attention as they playfully tease him just to hear his adorable squeals.

Which of these maknaes would you like to be like? Are there any other maknaes you’d like to be that aren’t on this list? Share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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