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In order to maintain their K-Pop physique, idols must maintain some kind of exercise routine. Whether it’s Pilates, flying yoga, or just a simple gym session, idols have plenty of options available when it comes to exercise. A good workout, combined with an adequate diet is what these idols need to keep in shape.

While there are some who avoid the gym at all costs, there are others who love working out. Times have changed where K-Pop idols are no longer afraid of gaining mass and building a bigger physique. They become K-Pop’s gym brothers and even make friends while completing their normal exercise routine.

But have you ever wondered what these idols do at the gym? Well, you don’t have to look far because some actually film vlogs or host livestreams from their local gym.

Let’s meet six of these idols who love working out so much that they bring their fans along!

It makes sense that the named leader of the “Big Tiddy Committee” would be on this list. While BM started out on the minor side when he made his television debut on the SBS survival show “kpop star“, he quickly put on weight in no time. He uploads pictures of his chiseled body on social media and even uses vlogs like these to bring fans along with him.

Most people can spend New Year’s Eve with family or friends to celebrate the new year. But for SF9’s JaeYoon, he decided to spend the last moments of 2019 with fans via V-Live! The live is divided into two parts, lasting almost an hour each. Between sets, JaeYoon chats with fans and makes some silly comments. Not many can say that they spent New Year’s Eve with their favorite idol, no less than in the gym.

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As a group, BTOB are known as one of K-Pop’s pranksters in addition to having incredible vocals. In the group of part-time comedians is gym fan MinHyuk. His muscular physique is incredible with hours of hard work and commitment. He shares these motivating gym moments with fans through vlogs or Instagram. You can’t help but stare in awe as he goes from exercise to exercise.

JongHo may be the maknae of the group, but don’t underestimate him because of his age. Not only is he known for his swoon-worthy vocals, but also for his impressive superhuman strength! He is even able to break an apple in half with his bare hands while singing. It’s not all luck as he has been taking fans on a routine visit to the gym. There, everyone can see how hard he works to maintain his remarkable physique.

Jungkook is another maknae that you shouldn’t underestimate even for a second! Although the international star is known for having a busy schedule, he makes time for essentials like working out. He undergoes a variety of exercises to develop his pre-existing muscles and become stronger than before. Who wouldn’t want a gym partner like Jungkook?

If BM is the leader of the “Big Tiddie Committee”, WonHo should probably be second in command. The idol is known for his muscular figure from top to bottom. He is dedicated to gym life and fans often see this in vlogs, Instagram posts, and even interviews. You can absolutely see that his muscles weren’t easy to get and he worked really hard to get there. Watching WonHo is quite inspiring and makes you want to go to the gym alone.

Are there any other idols you’d love to see gym content from? Let us know in the comments!

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