MBC’s”fantasy boys” made its eagerly anticipated debut on March 30. Though it’s just the beginning, fans are already loving the survival competition show. Many have taken to social media to post encouraging messages for aspiring idols and their initial thoughts on this batch of competitors.

Several trainees have already gained intense support. This stems from pre-released teasers and their admissions assessment performances. There are many who have natural talent and have impressed mentors the moment they appeared before them. While you should watch the performances in full, there are a few that absolutely stand out.

Check out these stunning performances below!

Note: this is not a rating.

1. Min Seo Kang

Kang MinSeo begins with a unique and mesmerizing sword dance that raises the expectations of mentors and trainees alike. When MinSeo breaks into his song and dance performance, he makes an impressive statement with his vocal stability and infectious energy.

2. Oh HyeonTae

Oh HyeonTae may be young and still growing, but he already has an aura that can fill the entire stage by himself. Not only does he have impressive vocals, but his dance moves are full of swagger and confidence. You simply cannot ignore Oh HyeonTae’s immense talent.

3. Hikaru

Hikaru gives an impressive performance of EXO‘s ‘The Eve’ from 5:20. He has all the makings of an idol, from vocals to stage presence, impressing his fellow competitors and the panel of mentors before him. He certainly has the potential to steal the hearts of fans everywhere.

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4. Yoo Jun Won

“Fantasy Boys” isn’t Junwon’s first audition show, and while it might add to the pressure, he doesn’t let it affect his performance. It offers an impressive display of GSoulName‘s ‘I Hate Everything’. It’s not flashy by any means, but it keeps your attention riveted from start to finish. We can’t wait to hear more of her soulful vocals during the competition.

5. Silence

Shiryu showed off his skills as a talented dancer, displaying an explosion of emotions in every move. You can watch his presentation from 13:02. The mentors were so impressed that they even joked about him being considered for the dance teacher position. Although his singing still needs improvement, the mentors recognized his star potential and that he is well equipped to improve in the future.

6. Hong Sung Min

Hong SungMin gave a captivating performance of SHINee Taemin‘s ‘Criminal’ and completely tore up the stage. He has charisma, stage presence and talent. He received many compliments from (G)I-DLE’s SoYeon saying that if Sungmin were to join a group that she was going to produce, she would be incredibly grateful and consider him capable of taking the center position. Many eyes are on Sungmin after that amazing performance!

Are you watching MBC’s “Fantasy Boys”? Which trainee are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!

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